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Self-Healing Reactive Ground Targets

The first time I came across one of these targets, it was on display in Dillon's reloading showroom.  They sell more that just their high quality reloading presses in their retail outlet.  I didn't take much interest in it and moved on to whatever it was that next caught my attention.

Fast forward a couple of years to this morning's visit to the local Cabela's store.  As I was nosing around the displays and moseying along the isles, checking out what was new and glad to see the ammo shelves very, very full (several hours after opening on a Saturday no less), I remembered I needed some 1" round stick-on target bulls.  I headed over to the target shelves to get my target bulls.

In the target display was a good variety of the self-healing reactive target including those that hang and those intended to be shot on the ground.  One of the ground targets, sporting a Cabela's tag, was on sale for about 40% off the listed price.  Another brand, Impact Seal, caught my eye although it wasn't on sale.  Seemed like a good opportunity to see how the Cabela's brand compared to the Impact Seal offering....so I picked up both of them and decided it was time for a product review on these two targets.


a pair of self-healing ground reactive targets

The Impact Seal target (left) was $24.88 while Cabela's target (right) was on sale for $14.99.  Regular price on the Cabela's target is $24.99. 

Upon cutting the zip tie that held the tags in place, I read the safety instructions printed inside the tags.  An interesting point....the same instructions in both tags.  Upon reading the info on the flip side of the tag, same words except for a sentence or two.  It would appear to me that the Cabela's target is most likely made by the same company that makes the Impact Seal target.  Cabela's omitted the contradictory safety statement in their instructions regarding bullet type.  In one section of the Impact Seal safety instructions, it specifically states to use only soft nose bullets.  In another section, it specifically states to use ball or FMJ ammo.  Hard to have it both ways.  I guess someone at Cabela's knows how to proof read. 


Impact Seal brand 4" ball reactive target

The Impact Seal target is a 4" ball.  It is heavy....or I should say more than I expected it would be.  Impact Seal recommends a 30 yard minimum safe shooting distance in their safety instructions.  They also state that hollow points NOT be used as they will remove portions of the target.  Makes sense to me, especially if shooting a larger caliber hollow point with a wider mouth.  The target instructions have a statement about it handling 10,000+ shots.


Cabela's 5.5" sphere reactive target

The Cabela's has their name molded into it.  This model is their 5.5" sphere target and the weight seems comparable to the Impact Seal target.  The safety instructions state a 50 yd minimum safe shooting distance.  The use of ball or FMJ ammo is recommended for the longest target life.  No specific mention of a round count was included but it did say that the target was designed for thousands of rounds of use.  While doing a little research on the Cabela's target, I found a 2013 press release video intorducing these targets.  Up until then, it appears that only the Impact Seal brand was available.  Assuming these hold up, the lower price is certainly welcomed.


two reactive ground targets

So, the next stop for these two is the range.  I'll take a few handguns with me to try on the targets.  At this point in time, I'm looking to use these primarily for handgun practice (draw from the holster) and perhaps some offhand .22LR plinking/practice. 

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