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Self-Healing Reactive Ground Targets

lizard sharing the 25 yard pistol range with me

No, this is NOT a self-healing reactive ground target.  I dropped by the gun range early Monday morning and this little fellow was hanging out on the 25 yd range.  The range, being located a mile or two outside of a small Arizona town, typically has lizards, quail, rabbits, etc. wandering around the acreage.  As I arrived at the range, a nice covey of quail was meandering along the driveway. 

OK...back to the targets.  I brought along my Tactical Solutions Ruger Mk1 .22LR pistol and some el-cheapo Federal bulk rounds to run through it.  I was going to shoot a variety of calibers but decided to stick with .22LR for now and perhaps some 9mm during the outing. 

With my digital camera on a tripod about 10 feet from the target, I adjusted the zoom to get a suitably sized target on the display.  After hitting the record button, I proceeded to empty the magazine in my Ruger.  When all was said and done, the orange ball received 1 mag of rounds while the yellow sphere received about 3 mags. 

Watch videos of:

4" orange ball 5.5" yellow sphere


Impact Seal 4" ball target with bullet holes

I was pleased with the reaction provided by the Impact Seal 4" ball.  The .22LR did a good job of moving it around.  Since I had the ball right up against the back berm, I scooped out a little depression in the ground in hopes that it would not stray too far and out of the camera's view.  As you can see, the .22LR bullets did little damage to the ball. 


Cabela's 5 1/2" self healing target with bullet holes

The Cabela's sphere target worked well.  In my opinion, .22LR didn't move it around as much as the orange ball but it none the less gave a good indication when it was hit.  While not captured on video, I put most of a 9mm magazine into this target but found it nearly impossible to determine which holes belonged to those from my XD9 4" and which were from my Ruger pistol.  (I know I hit it, it kept moving!)  It seems it will not be much of a problem hitting the target with larger caliber bullets.


Front Sight practice target

The range session was finally ended with some timed holster presentations with my XD9 pistol.  The head shots were shot at 7 yds, the body shots at 5 and 10 yds, all under time pressure drawing from the holster.  The results from emptying a 50 round box of my reloads....I dropped 6 points out of a possible 250. Those three lower scoring shots were still hits on the target, just not in the high point zones. 

The clocked had rolled around to about 8:30 AM, the sun was starting to heat up the desert, and I decided it was a great way to wrap up my range visit. 

Once I get a bunch more rounds through the reaction targets, I'll post up a couple more photos so you can see how they are holding up.  My first impressions is that they will do OK and I'll be getting my money's worth out of them.

Update:  8/12/2013

While at the range today, I set the 4" orange ball at the bottom of the 50 yard berm.  Using my S&W M&P15, I put a few rounds down range on a paper target and also a few at the ball.

Self healing reactive target with .223 Rem hits

It is fairly obvious I was not using the .22LR this time around.  You can see a pair of holes that look quite different.  They were the result of hitting it with 62 grain bullets from my M&P15.  I can see where the self healing aspect of this particular target may not be quite as effective when hit with a heavier and much higher velocity bullet.  I didn't try the yellow sphere target this time but will give it a try on another visit. 




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