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Springfield Armory XD45c .45ACP

Springfield XD .45ACP 4" Compact pistol

How could I resist picking up one of these after I had it in my hands?  I had to jump on the "bandwagon" and get a Springfield Armory .45 ACP.  It had been better than 25 years since my last handgun purchase and it just seemed like the right thing to do.   

The XD is a polymer-framed, magazine-fed, striker-fired, semi-automatic handgun. Features include double-stack high-capacity magazines, an Ultra Safety Assurance (USA) Trigger System, a 1911-style grip safety, ambidextrous magazine release buttons, a loaded chamber indicator, striker status indicator, and accessory rail.  All in all, that's a pretty good mouthful for this pistol.

It comes in a variety of models and I picked up the 4" Compact black version (shown above).  The compact model has a shorter grip and so the magazine holds just 10 rounds of .45 ACP ammunition. 



The Compact model can be used with a 13 round magazine (not legal in California).  Springfield makes a spacer that slips over the longer magazine and fills the gap between the frame and the bottom of the magazine.  My XD, shown above in the case it came in, was equipped with both a 10 and 13 round magazine.  The 13 round magazine with the spacer on it is shown above (to the right of the handgun).  The 10 round magazine works well for those wishing to carry concealed while the 13 round magazine provides your hand with the same real estate as the full sized model.  You also get a holster, magazine loader, and two magazine carrier.  The holster isn't anything to write home about, but hey, it does work.  A gun lock rounds out the list of items that you get with your purchase.



Here is a photo of my XD with the 13 round magazine installed.  It provides ample space for your little finger to wrap securely around the grip. 

As I write this, I've had two sessions at the range and put 300 rounds through the XD.  I found no issues concerning recoil or handgun control when using the 10 round magazine.  I'm comfortable using either magazine.  I intend to pick up a couple more before attending my Front Sight class later this year. 

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