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PRP Drop in Trigger Kit for XD45 Compact



Here is exploded parts diagram for the XD45c slide assembly.  The two springs for the slide assembly provided in the PRP trigger kit are the striker spring #32 and the striker safety spring #34. 

BE CAREFUL during the next several steps as the striker spring is under pressure and will try to launch itself across the room, along with the striker spring guide and maybe even the striker status indicator.

Time to replace the striker spring.



The striker spring guide fits in the end of the striker spring, as shown in the exploded parts diagram.  When it is assembled in the slide, it mates into the back side of the striker locking plate which fits in a groove in the slide.  The guide fits flush with the surface of the plate.  To remove the striker spring, the guide must be depressed down into the slide enough that  the striker locking plate can be slid out of the groove in the slide.

I used one of my small punches to push the striker spring guide down into the slide and then carefully pushed the striker lock plate down a small amount as shown in the above photo.  Keeping control of the plate and with my thumb pressed over the end of the slide, I slid the plate completely out of the slot and then gently released the spring tension, letting the striker spring guide and the striker spring extend out of the slide.



After carefully removing the guide, the spring was pulled from the slide.  If the striker status indicator does not come out with the spring, tip the slide and the indicator will fall out. 

I replaced the factory spring with the reduced power striker spring, again opting to not use the competition spring in my trigger upgrade project.

Reassembly of the striker spring into the slide is the reverse of the removal.  Be careful as you compress the spring and striker spring guide down into the slide.  I used the same small punch to hold it down in place while I slipped the striker locking plate into the groove in the slide.  When the plate is moved fully into position, the guide will pop back up into the recessed back of the plate which in turn locks it in place. 

At this point, I reassembled the slide and performed another trigger pull test.  A 10 pull average yielded 4 pounds, 12 ounces.  This was good....I didn't want to lighten the trigger pull any further.  As such, the last spring in the kit, the striker safety spring, was not installed in the slide assembly.  I do not know how much lighter the trigger would get if it were replaced.  Since I didn't feel like installing it and then removing it, I didn't go down that path.

So, that is the end of my XD45 sub-compact trigger upgrade project.  It took me far longer to photograph and document it than it did to perform the installation.....maybe 20 minutes if you take your time and don't lose any parts!  <grin>

I look forward to testing my work during my next range trip.  I'll add some comments after I get some trigger time with the XD45c.  I want to make sure I don't get any light primer strikes or any other problems.





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