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Springfield XD45 .45ACP


If you are familiar with the Star PD pistol that use to be imported by Interarms, the photo above shows it and the XD so you can get a size comparison.  I've had that .45ACP PD pistol since the mid-70s when I purchased it new.  It was, and still is, a rather nice little 1911 type .45 ACP handgun.  It has a steel barrel and slide mounted on an alloy frame.  The magazine on the PD holds one round less than a full sized 1911.  It's had that pair of Pachmyer grips on it almost since day one. 



Speaking of full sized 1911's, here is the XD matched up against my Mark IV Series 70 Colt that I've worked on a bit and now use for target shooting.  The Colt pistol has been fed a steady diet of cast SWC reloads for many, many years.  The brass clears the ejection port about 5" being starting its downward arc to the ground. 



A pic with the slide locked back and the 13 round magazine inserted.  I had done a reasonable amount of reading/research on the XD before handing over a chunk of my disposable income to the guy running the local gun shop.  The fact that the XD has been out now for several years and is well received in the shooting community, accessories and aftermarket support for it is getting pretty good.  A number of respected sight companies offer a variety of sight systems, including fiber optic and tritium, for the XD.  The holster folks are also offering many of their regular models for the XD owner.

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