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Springfield XD45c .45ACP


I picked up a BlackHawk CQC SERPA Level 2 holster.  It can be configured for use on a 1.5"~1.75" belt or the belt loop piece can be replaced with a paddle, which is attached to the holster in the above photo.  The SERPA Level 2 model is an active retention system that engages the trigger guard when the weapon is holstered.  This locks the gun into the holster and prevents both accidental and intentional removal of the gun from its holster.  It is released by your trigger finger during the normal drawing motion.  We'll see how well it performs when I get to Front Sight.  I watched some of the pro shooters on TV using it and it added approximately 1/10th of a second to their overall time (drawing and firing).



A photo of the XD .45ACP tucked away in the BlackHawk Level 2 holster.  While I haven't spent a day with the the BlackHawk set up this way and tucked over my belt/pants, it is quite comfortable for the short term.  I have a Bianchi paddle holster for my Ruger Security Six that is well broken in from several decades of use.  I expected this holster to be uncomfortable but was pleasantly surprised when I found it quite the contrary.



I didn't purchase the XD for target shooting.  As I mentioned earlier, I have a modified Series 70 for that.  This target was shot during the 2nd range session.  That is 30 rounds rapid fire at 7 yards.  More than accurate enough for a defensive handgun.  The trigger is nothing like my 1911 but I'm OK with that, at least for now.  There are options out there to address this should it become an issue for me.



If you spend some time reading about the XD in the firearms forums, you notice a trait that always seems to come up in discussion......this thing will digest just about any kind of ammo and do it well without feeding or ejection issues.  The exception to this is semi-wad cutters, which the XD45 does not enjoy.  I tried some Sellier & Bellot 230 gr round nose the last time at the range and it worked without a hitch.  It was $12.99 at the local gun store (cheapest .45ACP they had on the shelf that wasn't reloads/remanufactured).  Don't get me wrong....I've got no problems with reloads.  It's just that if I shoot them, I'll load them myself and won't be buying them. 

I look forward to more shooting time.  I don't consider mine broken in yet but have noticed it being a bit easier to rack, etc. now that I've put a few rounds through it.  Some XD owners say one should be an improvement by the time you hit the 500~1000 round mark. 

That is about it.  I'll report back as I modify the XD and get some more range time with it.  I intend to add a set of sites in the near future.  I spoke with Rick Gallagher, the owner of Galco, and he said they were working on a new synthetic holster for the XD.  It should be ready for a shakedown run by the time Front Sight roles around.  He said he would drop one off and I could see how I like it.  Knowing Rick, I'm confident it will be a quality holster.  Galco makes a good product.

Update:  10/28/2007

The trip to Front Sight is just around the corner, Wednesday of next week in fact.  I checked with Rick last week in regards to the new XD holster.  It's not ready yet.  He showed me the prototype and I liked the design. 



Rick surprised me with another holster (to hold me over).  It's an outside waistband concealable leather holster that Galco offers.  It rides tight against my body, more so than the Blackhawk holster that I have.  I'm still in the process of breaking it in and look forward to trying it for CCW. 

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