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Springfield XD45c .45ACP

Update:  07/03/2011

I was looking through the XD pages and realized I needed to do an update on the XD45c.  Nearly 4 years has come and gone since I was writing about the XD45c. 

The Front Sight trip that I spoke of is now old history with many other training trips being completed.  I joined Front Sight right after that first trip and have enjoyed the heck out of going there ever since.  Check out the After Action Reports (left column of the page).  I've been taking rifle, shotgun, and handgun courses at Front Sight.

So, the Springfield XD45c acquired a set of TruGlo TFO sights.  If you are not familiar with tritium fiber optic sights, check out my TruGlo TFO installation write-up.  The TruGlo brand is one of several that are available for a variety of different makes and models of handguns.  The TruGlo sights works extremely well during the day (thanks to the fiber optics) and the tritium inserts work very well in low and no light situations. 

Up until just under two years ago, I carried the XD45c for concealed carry.  Since then it has been replaced with a Kahr PM9.  I decided I could do with a lighter weight pistol and so chose a 9mm.  I had been shooting a Springfield XD9 quite a bit at my local range and it had gone to Front Sight with me during my last two handgun courses.  Why the switch to a smaller cartridge?  Did you see the price jump that .45 ACP has taken over the past few years?  (not to mention availability right after the 2008 elections)   And carry ammo has been rapidly developing over the past several years too....so today's 9mm ammo does much better than it did a decade ago, in my opinion.

So, the XD45c doesn't see as much use as it once did.  That being said, I've no thought of getting rid of it.  It is convenient that the holsters interchange between my XD45c and the XD9.  Since both have 4" barrels there is no problem as one holster fits both.  I have Blackhawk, Blade-Tech, and Glaco holsters that are swapped between both pistols.  There is something to be said for that. 

Well, that is about it for now. 





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