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PRP Drop in Trigger Kit for XD45 Compact


I bought my Springfield Armory XD45 Compact pistol (XD45c) some years back.  I used it during my very first Front Sight handgun course and it was my CCW pistol for several years.  Lately, it has been occupying space on the top shelf of the safe since  my range pistol of choice has been a XD9 4" model for some time and my CCW has been a Kahr PM9

While packing up a few guns for my last range trip, I decided to take the XD45c along.  I had been doing some reloading during my vacation and wanted to check a couple of 45ACP loads to see which one I wanted to load for a run with the Dillon XL650 press.  I tossed it into my handgun case and grabbed some of my reloads. 

After I had practiced at the range for about an hour with my XD9, I loaded a magazine for the XD45c and slipped it into my Blade-Tech range holster.  At my timer's beep, I presented the XD45c and immediately realized the factory trigger was not going to cut it.  Having routinely shot both of my other XD pistols for years with their upgraded Powder River Precision trigger kits, the XD45c felt like some other lesser brand of handgun....maybe even as back as a Glock (don't know, don't own one, just repeating what I've heard).  OK...just kidding, don't get your underwear in a wad if you are a Glocker.  I finished testing my 45ACP reloads and put the XD45c away.  That evening, I ordered the PRP Drop in Trigger kit.  Problem resolved! 



Within a week, I had the XD45 Drop in Trigger Kit in hand.  The kit includes two "strengths" of springs; reduced and competition (which are reduced even more).  This gives you more latitude to configure the XD's trigger and striker springs as you wish.  The kit also includes reduced power (but not the competition) springs for the sear and striker safety.  With the weekend just a few days away, I set it aside and waited until I had some free time on Saturday. 



Included in the blister package are two sheets of paper.  One is a parts diagram (see below) and the other is the typical lawyer paragraphs regarding installation by a qualified gunsmith, etc.  At the same time there is a reference to an online video that details the installation process, performed by someone that is most likely a customer rather than a gunsmith.  Go figure!  Regardless the video is helpful if you've not had your XD apart or are unfamiliar with the parts you will be replacing.  The page had no detailed steps regarding the installation of the parts.  If you don't know what you are doing, follow the suggestion and get with a gunsmith for some help. 


XD pistol exploded parts diagram

Those part numbers circled in red are included in the kit along with two springs to replace the same in the slide. 

The parts replaced in the frame are as follows:

So....I'll add my warning here....this write-up documents some of the changes I made to my XD45c.  It is not intended to be a step-by-step tutorial.  Changing internal components such as springs and other parts will influence how the firearm performs.  You should consult a gunsmith before making these types of changes to your firearm.



As with any firearm related task, I removed the magazine from the XD945c and verified the chamber was also empty prior to disassembly.  One can never be too safe when working on a firearm.  Once the barrel and slide were removed from the frame, I was ready to start changing out a few parts.



While not always required, I've found a nice assortment of punches can make simple gunsmithing tasks so much easier.  Not only does it make it easier, it will often times save you from doing an oops and scratching your firearm because you were using the wrong tool for the wrong job.  In this case, with several pins to push out of the frame, I reached over into the drawer and grabbed the hammer and punch set.  Stated another way, it beats the heck out of grinding the point off a nail and using it. 

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