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PRP Drop in Trigger Kit for XD45 Compact



Two pins need to be pushed out of the frame, as shown above.  I pushed mine from the opposite side, although it makes little difference.  They were stubborn trying to go from left to right but came out easy, right to left. 



The locking block/trigger pings need not be completely removed from the frame.  Once they clear the locking block, that is all the further they need to go, as shown above.

After the lock block/trigger pins were pushed clear of the locking block, the block itself was lifted out of the frame.  Note there is a spring that fits in the side of the locking block.  This is the slide stop lever spring.  Makes sure it stays in place and doesn't fall out.  Once the locking block is out, the slide stop lever can be slipped off of the frame.



At this point, the trigger was removed.  I pressed the trigger towards the rear of the trigger guard and then pushed it up and out of the frame.  Note that the trigger bar is attached to the trigger.  It slips into a pair of holes at the top rear edge of the trigger. 

As previously mentioned, Powder River Precision supplies two springs to replace the trigger bar spring.  One is a reduced power spring and the other blue colored spring is an extra light competition spring.  I opted for the reduce power spring to replace the factory spring when the new PRP trigger was installed. 



To change the trigger, slide it and the spring off of the pin on the end of the trigger bar.  Slide the new components back onto the pin and that step is done.

With the new trigger and trigger bar spring attached to the factory trigger bar, I inserted them back into the frame.  Reassembly was accomplished by installing the parts back into the frame in the reverse order they were removed.  Easy enough to do.

Once all back together, I was anxious to see how much an improvement just the frame altered components had made to the trigger pull.  I broke out my Lyman electronic trigger pull gauge to check the new parts.  Before starting this project, I conducted a 10 pull average on the XD45c which yielded a trigger pull weight of 6 pounds, 2 ounces.  After a handful of trigger pulls to make sure the new parts were working correctly, another 10 pull average was performed with the results being 5 pounds, 1 ounce.  While not significantly lighter, the take up, over travel, and reset were greatly improved. 

There was still spring work to do in the slide so I proceeded on to see how much better it would get.

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