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Springfield Armory XD Sub-Compact 9mm

XD9sc barrel

The chamber of the XD pistol is fully supported, as seen in the above photo.  You won't see bulged brass coming out of an XD.  I use a Dillon 650 press for making my reloads and have no issues with brass life. 

3 pistols

Since it is my intention to use the sub-compact as a CCW option, I thought I would do a few comparisons between it and my Kahr PM9.  I'll include the some reference info regarding my 4" service XD9 too just to keep size and weight in perspective. 

  PM9 XD9sc XD9
Barrel Length: 3" steel 3" steel 4" steel
Frame: Polymer Polymer Polymer
Slide: Stainless Steel Steel - Melonite finish Stainless Steel
Length: 5.42" 6.25" 7.3"
Height: 4.0" 4.75"
5.5" w/ extended mag
Slide width: .90" 1.05" 1.05"
Weight w/ empty mag: 15.9 ozs. w/ compact mag 26 ozs. w/ compact mag 28 ozs. w/ mag


XD9 and XD9sc

A comparison of the difference in height between the XD9sc (left) and the XD9 service (right).  The biggest problem folks usually have with concealed carry is ensuring that the grip does not print through their cover garment.  A 1" shorter grip of the XD9sc makes is easier to negate this problem. 

XD9sc and PM9

Another comparison....this time between the XD9sc (left) and my Kahr PM9 (right).  The PM9 removes yet another .75" from the grip length and makes for an even easier pistol to carry concealed. 


XD9sc and PM9

The width is another dimension that will increase or decrease the difficulty you have in regards to properly concealing your pistol.  The PM9 (right) is well known for its slim design at just .90".  This is not to say that the XD9sc (left) can not be properly concealed.  Its footprint will simply require a bit more effort to keep it properly under wraps.

XD9sc in BlackHawk SerpaII holster

My co-worker and I also exchanged a couple of lower end holsters when we swapped the pistols.  I had a XD9 4" BlackHawk Serpa II holster that had been superseded by one from Blade-Tech and as luck had it, he had the same type but for the XD9 3" barrel.  The Serpa II employs an active retention system that engages the trigger guard of the XD pistol. 

Another unique quality of the XD9 sub-compact is the light rail.  Per the Springfield Armory web site, this is the only pistol in its class (I assume they mean sub-compact) that sports a light rail.  While I don't have a rail mounted light, it was good of Springfield to supply rail should a person decide to add one (or even a laser for that matter). 

The sights on the XD9sc are the same as on its bigger brothers.  The front and rear sights are both drift adjustable although I can't say I've met anyone that has done that.  The rear sight provides a white dot on either side of the square notch while the front sight displays yet another white dot.  Line up all three white dots, equally spaced, and you have what amounts to proper sight alignment. 

Also like other XDs, the XD9sc uses a trigger safety, dubbed the Ultra Safety Assurance (USA) Action Trigger System.  The XD9sc also has a grip safety that must be fully depressed in order to fire the pistol as well as cycle the slide.

In summary, I find the XD9 sub-compact to be very much on par with the other fine XD models that Springfield Armory offers.  I look forward to using it at the range and maybe even a training session at some point in the future.

When I get some time to run the sub-compact through its paces at the range, I'll update this review with that information.


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