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Springfield Armory XD Sub-Compact 9mm

Update:  01/09/2012

I got a chance to hit the range for a bit while I was out scouting a new shooting location.  The new location may not turn out as well as I was hoping but the XD9 Sub-Compact is going to be a keeper.   

I set up my chronograph and broke out a box of my regular practice hand loads which I load on my Dillon XL650 progressive press.  I've been shooting this load for a number of years and so am familiar with it.  It has always reliable cycled any 9mm pistol I have used it in.  Since I had compared the relative size and weight of the three pistols on the previous page, I decided to run all three of them across the chronograph using the same load.  The results are shown in the table below.

  PM9 XD9sc XD9
Std Deviation: 23.9 32.8 18.9
Extreme Spread: 72.8 94.9 57.9
Average Velocity: 1052 FPS 1050 FPS 1153 FPS

Average of 10 consecutive shots.   Load: Berry's MFG 115gr plated bullet over 5 gr. of Unique

As seen in the above table, the 3" PM9 and the 3" XD9 clocked the 115 gr bullets at just 2 feet per second difference.  I was surprised they were that close.  The extra inch of length in the XD9 4" barrel added another 103 feet per second to the bullet's velocity. 

Remington Golden Saber target

I put a 3/4" bullseye of my standard Front Sight practice target and shot it from 15 yds.  I consider this an acceptable group from a sub-compact 9mm.  The trigger on the sub-compact is quite different compared to my XD9 4" pistol....and I'll admit that I am somewhat spoiled with that trigger.  I will be doing a trigger job on the XD9sc in the near future.  However, as different as the trigger was, it still produced an OK group....the above target being shot with Remington Golden Saber 124gr JHP which is my carry round.  The Golden Sabers ran 1079 FPS over the chronograph from the XD9sc.  The std deviation was 20.9 and the extreme spread was 72.5, both values being very close to those obtained from my practice loads. 

I've been poking around the web to see what holsters are available for the XD9sc.  I'm drawn to getting another High Noon holster as I've been very satisfied with the Slide Guard model I got for the Kahr PM9.  I'll probably opt for a cowhide version rather than another horsehide as I won't be wearing it as much and I'll be more likely to carry the PM9 in the summer, when the horsehide excels. 

Update:  01/16/2012

I've been keeping an eye out for about 500 rounds of 9mm to use later this year when I go to Front Sight for a 2 day handgun skill builder course.  We are not allowed to shoot reloads in the course due to liability/insurance reasons.  As such, I watch for sales on the ammo web sites as well as the local Cabela's.  Cabela's has had Sellier & Bellot 9mm 115 gr FMJ on sale for the past two weeks.  While the price was pretty good, I had not shot any of it through my XD9s.  So I picked up a box a couple of days ago and took it to the range today.  At the same time, I also noticed that Cabela's was now selling Blazer aluminum cased ammo under the Herter's brand name.  As I've had good luck with Blazer .45 ACP, I picked up a box of the 9mm to try with the S&B. 

Blazer 9mm ammo

I was more interested in how my 4" XD would perform with the Herter's ammo than I was with the Sub-Compact.  However, I ran the aluminum cased ammo over my chronograph using both pistols. 

  XD9sc XD9
Std Deviation: 16.6 8.6
Extreme Spread: 51.7 24.3
Average Velocity: 1090 FPS 1167 FPS

Average of 10 consecutive shots using Heter's 115 gr TNJ.  

Note the velocity difference between the two XDs.  Using the Herter's ammo, the XD9sc clocked in with a velocity 77 FPS slower than its 4" big brother. 

XD9sc target

I was completely satisfied with the little sub-compact's performance using this aluminum cased ammo.  What makes this cartridge even a bit more unique is that it is a lead bullet with a nylon jacket.  If you were thinking that the rounds in the previous photo might have been looking a little blue, they were.  The nylon jacket is blue in color. 

After getting home, I field stripped both XDs for a quick cleanup.  Not being familiar with a nylon jacketed bullet, I wasn't sure what might be waiting for me in the barrels.  As it turned out, I could find no evidence of any nylon fouling.  Granted, I didn't have a high round count, but CCI Speer folks that make the Blazer ammo are not new players at this game.  I doubt they would put this product on the market if it was going to muck up your barrel. 


Update:  01/05/2013

Last month, I took a 4 day handgun course at Front Sight.  While I didn't use the XD9sc at the course, I did shoot the XD9 which I routinely use when there.  I did have a chance to shoot approximately 550 rounds of the aluminum cased ammo mentioned above.  It functioned flawlessly.  Accuracy was on par with any other ammo I've taken to Front Sight.  After I returned from Front Sight, I hit the local gun store and purchased another 600 rounds for my next course.  I still had a discount coupon for it and couldn't see myself not taking advantage of it.  It was a good decision since we all know what happened to ammo availability (and pricing) since last month's school shooting in Connecticut.




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