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PRP Drop in Trigger Kit for XD Sub-Compact 9mm

XD9 with striker safety lever, sear, sear spring, and ejectring installed

The last step for this part of the install is the factory ejector.  With it in position, I tapped the sear pin flush with the groove in the frame rail.  In the above photo, the sear spring is not yet in its final position.  To get that taken care of, I pushed/tapped the ejector pin a small amount until it protruded about a 3/16" through the ejector.  I had to wiggle the ejector just a bit to get it lined up with the ejector pin.  Once the ejector pin was through its hole in the ejector, I pushed the end of the sear spring down and around the end of the ejector pin to capture the spring.  Using a small punch, I tapped the end of the ejector pin flush against the frame.

With the sear spring now in position, I checked the reinstalled components to ensure everything was working as it should.  I checked the trigger reset and it was working just as it should.  One of the other PRP trigger kits comes with a new sear which requires fitting.  It is possible to have improper trigger reset when the fit is wrong.  I discovered this as I was doing some research online scanning a few how-to videos.


Powder River Precision trigger and trigger bar spring

The last two items from the trigger kit I installed were the trigger and the trigger bar spring.  Like the sear spring, the trigger bar spring is also a reduced power spring.  While I was installing the sear spring, I checked the wire diameter with a vernier caliper.  It was .004" smaller than the factory sear spring.  One may not think this makes much of a difference, but it did as I could actually feel it as I repeatedly squeezed both springs.

XD disassembly lever

Time to get the new trigger installed.  To do that, I started by removing the disassembly lever.  When the slide was removed, the lever was in the 12 o'clock position.  Rotate the lever back and forth between the 10 and 11 o'clock position while pulling on it.  It will disengage from the far side of the frame as shown above.  Continue rocking it back and forth while pulling and it will come out of the frame.

XD trigger pins

Two pins need to be pushed out of the frame, as shown above.  I prefer to push mine from the side shown in the photo.  I used a brass punch and hammer to tap them through.

XD trigger pins removed

They do not have to be completely removed from the frame.  Once they clear the locking block, that is all the further they need to go, as shown above.

PRP Trigger Kit




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