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Springfield Armory XD-S .45ACP Review

I purchased my first Springfield Armory XD when I was getting ready for my first Front Sight handgun class.  I still have that sub-compact XD45....and it sports tritium night sights along with a PRP trigger kit.  It is a nice handgun but does get heavy when you load it with either a 10 or 13 round magazine.  There are times when I want a low profile CCW pistol that makes .45" holes but doesn't weigh me down.  Enter the Springfield Armory XD-S single stack .45ACP pistol. 



Springfield Armory's XD-S is a 1" thin single stack .45ACP pistol that offers a small CCW footprint.  As one of the latest releases from Springfield, it was anxiously awaited by many XD owners.  Having a .45ACP in a small and easy to manage concealed carry package means you need to manage the recoil coming from this much lighter handgun.  I'll get to that in a little bit.  Right now, let's take a look at what you get when you purchase the XD-S.



I was very pleased to see that Springfield bumped up the threshold in regards to the XD-S carry case.  My previous XD pistols arrived in a very light weight injection molded case that I would seriously hesitate to use if I planned on checking it at the airport for airline travel.  This case appears to be at least twice the case (weight & thickness), if not more.  It has a solid handle that folds flush for storage.  The latches on the case secure it well but are not restrained when the padlocks (not supplied) are attached to the case.  Proper fitting padlocks will minimize this shortcoming. 


XDs45 carry case and accessories 

Inside the case, the XD-S and its accessories are well protected in a nicely cut out foam insert.  Accessories include a paddle holster, dual magazine carrier for use with a belt, spare fiber front sight material, gun lock, cleaning brush, small back strap insert (large insert was installed), two 5 round magazines, and misc paperwork (owner's manual, warrantee card, etc.).  For what it is worth, I've read on a few forum threads that other XD-S owners have recycled the case for a laptop travel case and similar tasks.  Says a little bit about the quality of the case, in my opinion.

Let's take a look at the inside of the XD-S.  To do so, field stripping of the pistol is necessary.  Just like its other XD siblings, it is not difficult to do.



Step #1:  Remove the magazine.  Lock the slide back and verify the chamber is empty.  Check it twice just!

Step #2:  With the slide locked back, rotate the disassembly lever to the 12 o'clock position as shown in the above photo.

Step #3:  Pull the slide fully to the rear and gently allow it to move forward until the spring tension is released.

Step #4:  With the gun pointed in a safe direction, pull the trigger and then ease the slide forward to disengage the frame.



Step #5:  Compress the recoil spring slightly to remove it from the side.  Note the position of the spring for reassembly.



Step #6.  Slide the barrel out of the slide.  The XD-S is now field stripped.

This is the level of disassembly that Springfield provides in the owner's manual.  There are numerous videos on YouTube that provide more detail should you decide you require to proceed further.  Reassembly is essentially the disassembly steps run in reverse.

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