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Springfield Armory XD-S .45ACP Review

Since the intended purpose of the XD-S was for concealed carry, let's take a look at some of the specs and a few comparison photos to see how it stacks up against some of its XD cousins. 



When you put the XD-S between a pair of XD double stack pistols, you can really see just how thin it really is.  The frame is 1" wide and the slide is .9" wide, per Springfield's info page. 

In trying to keep this an apples to apples .45 ACP comparison, I'll continue with some information about the XD45 Compact.  Compared to the XD45 Compact, the XD-S does put down a lighter and smaller footprint.

  XD-S XD45 Compact
Height 4.4" 5.0"
Length 6.3" 7.3"
Weight ** 21.5 oz 29.0 oz
Capacity 5+1 or 7+1 10+1 or 13+1
Barrel 3.3" 4.04"
** Small magazine with no ammunition



As mentioned earlier, a paddle holster and a dual magazine carrier are included with the XD-S.  I'm not going to brag on the quality of these two items, but I will say that they will get the new shooter up and going without laying out any immediate cash.  The paddle holster will suffice until something better is obtained.  I will admit that I've used Springfield's mag holders for range practice and several of my Front Sight courses and they have worked well for that task.  I don't think I would want to use one for CCW all day, although I'll admit that I've not tried this particular model along with the notably shorter magazines. 



Since I've repeatedly mentioned concealed carry, I've included a photo showing my Kahr PM9 and the XD-S.  The vast majority of the time, my 9mm Kahr is my CCW of choice.  It provides a 6+1 or 7+1 option and weighs in at just 15.9 oz with the small magazine (empty).  The length is just under 1" less than the XD-S, it is .4" shorter, and the barrel comes in at .2" less that of the XD-S.  The differences aren't that big, to be honest. 

The one thing that I am absolutely NOT impressed with is the trigger on the XD-S.  It pretty much stinks, in my opinion.  Maybe it is just mine....don't know for sure....don't have any friends with one to try.  The take up is probably average and the reset distance is about average.  However, after the slack is taken up, the pull weight (10 pull average on my electronic scale) is 6 pounds, 9 oz.....and it is not smooth nor crisp.  That is what I dislike about it.  It has one other odd characteristic.  Once you pull the trigger, it stays locked to the rear until you partially rack the slide (or it racks itself if you just fired a live round).  Never had a handgun do that before.  I'll keep my fingers crossed that PRP or another company will come out with a trigger kit at some point.

So, how does the XD-S do when it comes to putting rounds down range?  Is the recoil manageable in such a light .45ACP pistol?  Even more importantly, how is the reliability?  Will it feed a variety of bullet designs and put the rounds accurately on target?  Let's see.





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