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Springfield Armory XD-S .45ACP Review

It was time to head to the range.  With the factory ammo being in very short supply, I grabbed some of this and some of that from my shelves.  I had some .45ACP odds and ends in the factory load department that would do well to help determine if there was any feeding problems using various bullet designs.  I grabbed a box of CCI Blazer Brass 230 gr FMJ to use as my standard ball ammo load.  A box of my reloads, running a 230 gr FMJ bullet over 5.2 gr of vintage Red Dot (yeah...vintage as in 30+ year old powder) would fill the gap in the reload department.  My XD45 compact ran like a champ with these loads so I would see how well the XD-S liked them. 

I positioned my CED M2 chronograph at 10 feet with a suitable target frame at the 7 yard marker.  My aging eyeballs and their lack of prescription shooting glasses wouldn't be an issue at that distance.



The CCI Blazer Brass 230 gr FMJ ammo was the first I put through the XD-S.  Being ball ammo, I was expecting it to feed reliably and if it didn't, then I knew I was in for trouble.  It cycled the action without issue and deposited the brass some 10 ~ 12 feet at mostly the 3 to 4 o'clock position.  The contents of two full magazines averaged 764 FPS with an SD of 8.8 FPS and an extreme spread of 25.3 FPS. 



If you are wondering how the CCI Blazer FMJ rounds did, here is the 1" target with 10 rounds delivered to it.  The target is 1" in diameter.  For my first group out of the XD-S, I was more than happy with it, albeit I was resting on the sandbags since I didn't really want to shoot the chronograph. 



Next up were my 230 gr FMJ reloads.  The 10 shots averaged 690 FPS, an SD of 22 FPS, and an extreme spread of 63 FPS.  Don't ask me what happened to those two outlying hits....beats me.  I think the sun was in my eyes.  <grin>  From a recoil management perspective, these rounds were more comfortable to shoot.  I say that only because shooting a small gun off of sandbags isn't always the easiest thing to do.  I would soon find out that once I was shooting offhand, I was a much happier camper.

I had a few CCI Blazer Aluminum cased 230 gr FMJ rounds in the ammo bag so I stuffed them into the magazine and gave them a try.  The average velocity for those were 798 FPS....a little faster than the CCI Blazer Brass ammo.


Next it was time for some more function testing.  I mentioned earlier about the odds and ends.  I had a few Black Talon rounds, a few Winchester Silver Tips, some big ol' wide mouth hollow points (above photo) that I reloaded who remembers how long ago, and a variety of 230 gr FMJ made by Winchester, S&B, and Remington.  Together, this all added up to several magazines worth of trigger pulling so I picked out some clumps of dirt on the backstop and proceeded to function test with the rounds all mixed up in the magazines. 

After the odds and ends were finished, I switched back to my reloads and cycled several more magazines through the XD-S.  All was shot offhand and I switched back and forth between my strong hand and support hand.  This was my somewhat unscientific method of limp wrist evaluating the XD-S.  

If you are wondering how it all went....no problems shooting one handed, strong or support hand.  Likewise, there were no feeding or extraction issues with any of the various rounds I tried.  Note that I did not use any lead bullets.  I didn't buy this to use as a range pistol so it's likely it will always see something with copper over it.



Another couple of magazines using my 230 gr reloads, this time no chronograph or sandbags.  This is a 1" square target that is printed on my regular range practice target.  We use them for ragged holes drills or verifying sights, close up or at distance if using a rifle.  Eight hit in the square with two clearly outside....again at 7 yards.  More than enough accuracy for a CCW pistol, in my opinion.

I ordered a holster today which will hopefully be here in about 4 and 8 weeks.  It's a new company (for me).....read some good reviews on their product and thought I would give them a try.  I will upload a review when I get it.  

So, that about wraps up this installment for now.  I've still got to get a few more boxes of my carry ammo so I can try it in the XD-S.  It won't see any CCW duty until the holster arrives so I've got a couple of weeks to get some. 

Once I get some more rounds down range with the XD-S, I'll update this review.

Update:  If you are interested, here is the Powder River Precision trigger spring kit product review

Update:  The holster has arrived. 


Range Update - 06/17/2013

I rolled out of bed this morning at 4:45 to get ready to hit the range.  During this time of year, it doesn't take long before the morning sun warms things up and standing in the summer AZ sun is less than fun. 

My XDs45, which appears to be the applicable name now that the 9mm version is on the dealer shelves, continues to run without so much as a hiccup.  Since I have an ample supply of 230 gr plated lead reloads and the means for making more, I've been mostly shooting it at the range.  My previous visit included some 230 gr lead reloads which ran just fine. 

After finishing my regular range drills with my XD9, I switched over to the XDs45.  At 15 yds, I worked on head shots.  I was getting golf ball sized 5 shot groups and for me without my prescription glasses (I wear progressive lenses), I felt I was going OK.  One of these days I'm going to have to look into getting prescription shooting glasses.  (or not, if they cost too much)

Round count is now up around 400 or there about.  I don't keep a close accounting for my handguns.  I've toyed with the idea of getting a XDs9 but in all honestly, my Kahr PM9 fills the role of very small 9mm quite well.  Besides, I've got that nice holster for the PM9 and it would be a shame to stop using it.  <grin>

After several weeks time, I think I can say that the holster is doing well.  The holster review has some updated comments on it as well.




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