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Elemental OWB Holster



Per the Zlogonje web site, the holster is wet molded and hand boned to ensure the correct fit for your handgun.  The fit does seem to be pretty good....time will tell once the holster sees some use. 



The obligatory view of the back side of the Elemental.  You can see more of the molding that conforms to the XD-S.  The amount and detail of the molding isn't like that on my Slide Guard holster.  But as I said earlier, this is a lower price point holster.  I've no doubt the intent is to keep the labor as low as possible in order to keep the cost reasonable. 



I was surprised to find no "break in" information on the Zlogonje web site.....or a FAQ or similar page.  Since the fit was way tight, I opted to use a standard practice of holstering the handgun with a plastic bag around it.  I'll check it in the morning to see how it "feels" before I head off to work.

Update:  24 hrs later.  The fit is now much better....a good decision to let it sit with the plastic until I got home from work.  Current status....it is just right.  It has excellent retention and is just right for a reasonable draw. 



So there you have it.....the Elemental holster from Zlogonje Gunleathers.  And I'll put in a shameless plug here for another recent addition to my XD-S concealed carry needs, the MagHolder horizontal magazine holder.  I've been using it for the past week and am completely enjoying it.  It is so comfortable to wear, I don't even know it's on my belt.  I do believe these two are going to make a nice pair!

I'll report back in a few months after I get some wear time with the Elemental.  I'm looking forward to seeing how it does.


Update - 06/17/2013

After several weeks of breaking in the holster, I believe I can call that task finished.  It was a tight fit when it first arrived and continued to be for a bit.  I started wrapping the XDs45 in several layers of heavy plastic (think Ziploc quart freezer bag) and leaving it in the holster over night and when I was at work.  On my 3 day weekends, I would wear it.  After two weeks of this routine, I got it just the way I like it.  Retention of the XDs45 in the holster is snug and it won't be popping out unexpectedly.  At the same time, it draws fairly well during presentation. 


Update - 06/29/2013

I've been using the holster at the range now when doing presentation drills.  I've decided that it is still a little "tight" but believe more use will resolve that.  At this time, I'm not planning on doing any more plastic bag wrapping to loosen things up. 

Someone on a forum thread expressed concern about the holster mouth not being reinforced enough to stay open to aid in holstering the XDs45.  While certainly a good question, it is simply not an issue.  Returning the XDs45 to the holster after firing is as easy as doing the same with my XD9sc and the Kydex holster I had made for it. 

Time will now tell how well the holster holds up.  For the price point, I consider it a good buy. 




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