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This block diagram shows the components and how they are wired. The computer has a 12 volt constant power wire and an ignition wire to tell it when to shut down. When I turn the ignition off, it waits 3 minutes and then goes into hibernation. The other ignition wire connected to the serial port tells MediaEngine to pause the music when the ignition is off. The shutdown override switch, when activated, prevents the computer from going into hibernation when the ignition is turned off.



Here you see the custom mount with swivel bracket for the monitor. The big advantage of a swivel bracket is that the screen can be angled for best viewing. It can also be turned towards the passenger so he/she can watch movies because it’s illegal to have a monitor showing movies or TV in view of the driver.



The GPS antenna and WiFi receiver are mounted above the cross member. The soft top is transparent to the GPS satellite, so the receiver can “see” the satellites through the top.


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