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Alternative Theft Proof LCD Mount

The big problem with putting a system like this in an open top vehicle is that is screams “steal me.” I have come up with a solution to make the LCD monitor theft proof.

I am going to have the monitor fold into a steel box and lock itself shut. It will be fully automated and open and close at the flip of a switch or when the ignition is on. The figure below shows a sketch of the box with folding screen to be mounted between the windshield and roll bar.



The monitor hinge is operated by 4 servos: 2 servos open and close the monitor, and two servos activate a locking mechanism so the box will be locked shut when not in use. A 68HC11 microcontroller will control the 4 servos.





Above is the prototype with the monitor door open interfaced to the 68HC11 microcontroller. The breadboard has the power regulation circuitry that converts the 12 volt input to 5 volts for the microcontroller and servos. The power is also filtered to eliminate engine noise. Two 6 volt lantern batteries provide a simulated 12 power source.

I modified some code from the NATCAR project I did as our senior design project at USD. Basically the microcontroller outputs a PWM signal to the servo. The length of the high pulse is proportional to the angle of the servo horn.

This prototype works as planned, but some additional software and hardware development is required before I can install it.




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