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I looked at Delorme's software before going with OziExplorer. While Topo USA may be a little more refined and easier to use for the average person, OziExplorer is much more powerful and customizable. Although OziExplorer doesn't come with any map data, Delorme charges you a lot of money for their Aerial Data Packages (includes 7.5 min topo maps, DOQQs, and 10 meter satellite images).

So if I wanted data that covered a small area in San Diego, say an area around my house that was 10 miles x 10 miles it would cost:

16 km x 16 km * $1.00/sq km = $256 if I want to download it.

That's a rip-off if you ask me. Especially when the data they are selling is in the public domain and can be downloaded for free. Our tax dollars paid for them, so we own them right? Right!   

Just for kicks, I calibrated a map of California from 1895 and overlaid the track from my drive home from Tahoe. It's actually pretty accurate for a 111 year old map. I don't think Topo USA can do this:





This wraps up Drew's write-up on his Jeeputer.  Lots of work in this project....no doubt about it.  And from the looks of it, a nice job for sure.  As Drew lives in SoCal, I am hoping I might bump into him some day at a trade show or perhaps on the trail....you never know. 

Drew, thanks again for allowing me to share this with the site visitors.  I'm sure some are wiping the drool from their chin while others are already getting ideas for their own TJs.




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