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SPOT GPS Satellite Tracking

The coolest feature ( and the reason I actually bought it ) was for the “Tracking” mode. The SPOT website, lets you set up specific web pages that your friends/family can access to actually see where you are and can get the GPS coordinates. The website uses Google Earth to track where you are so the amount of detail is quite amazing.








Tracking is activated by just pressing and holding the OK button for around 3 seconds. SPOT will send signals every ten minutes until the feature is turned off. The signal is bounced back to SPOTs website and a data point/flag is placed on the map. You can get the GPS coordinates as well as other information from each of the data points/flags.


The tracking mode provides piece of mind for friends & family by letting them know and track where you are, but it can also be used in case you get lost. I was on a cross country trip when I lost my bearings and no idea which way was north. The paper maps didn't help either.  I pulled out my cell phone and called home to ask my wife to look up where I was by looking at the webpage I had set-up. Couple minutes later I was on my way in the right direction again. The detailed Google Earth images are detailed enough that she could tell me that around the next turn was the landmark I was looking for.

SPOT is a great tool at a reasonable cost. It's easy to operate and is very durable and well built. There are some considerations to using the unit that you should be aware of.

There are lots sources for information on the web for SPOT. Here a few to check out:





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