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Toys by Troy Corner Guards

Note:  Toys by Troy shut down their operation at the end of 2007.  Instead of removing this write-up, I am leaving it on the web site for a couple of reasons.  The steps for installing it are pretty much the same as one from another manufacturer and so you'll get an idea of what is involved if you decide to do this type of modification.  If you happen to come across one on the used market, you'll have some information about it that can help you do the installation correctly.

Everyone needs a little more protection every now and then....and with my upcoming 2002 Thanksgiving run to Johnson Valley, I figured now was as good a time as any to get some more protection.

These came from Toys-by-Troy, a local 4x4 shop that we have here in the Phoenix area.  I spent some time at Troy's shop while we carefully tested the fit of these new guards.  I was the first install off of the initial production run.  Troy was VERY interested to see just how well these fit.  They are laser cut and he took the original measurements off of his TJ.  The fitting on my TJ and several others will determine the final layout of all of the laser cut holes.  As we are finding out, not all TJs are built the same (but you already knew that, right?)  For example, my Sahara flares are about a quarter inch longer than the Sport flares (we already knew they were wider but that does not matter for fitting the corner guards).  Note that in some of these pictures, I have not dressed off the flares.  (I put one bolt in them so I could drive home and get these pictures taken before it was dark out.)

Note:  Since the initial pics and write-up, I was finally able to get some time to apply some paint and get them bolted back on.  I spent a day at ScottK's place, changing diff fluid, taking the corner guards on and off, etc.  I have included some more pics that were taken today while doing the painting.  So, this write-up is a mish-mash of pics taken at Troy's facility and today's painting session.  Since the installation of these rocker guards, TBT has changed the design a bit, increased the thickness, etc. 

I am VERY happy with the fit of these guards.  The fit around the bend radius is better than any of I have seen to date.


This picture was taken at Troy's place.  We had just finished bolting the right guard on and we took a few pics to see just how it looked, the nice tight fit, etc.


Here is another picture of the passenger side. 


The driver's side gave me a little trouble, although it was pretty easy to take care of.  We found that DC isn't very exact as to where they attach the gas filling insert.  Troy took the original measurements off of his TJ.  We then discovered that mine was mounted just a bit forward of where his was (about an 1/8" or so).  Troy decided to enlarge the hole a bit more to accommodate the somewhat random placement done at the factory.  If it doesn't line up for you, do what I did.....unscrew the 4 sheet metal fasteners that hold it in place and move it around until it fits in the corner guard....then re-drill what ever hole(s) you need.


With the run to Johnson Valley finished, I pulled the guards off and hit them with some steel wool.  I ran into some rain on the way from California so there was some light surface rust in a few places.  It took all of 2 minutes to knock that week old rust out of the way.  We pulled out some old cardboard and I got out my Rustoleum rattle can and went to town.


I applied several coats to the under side of the guard and let it dry for as long as I could.  We had some afternoon sun that helped speed up the process.  At that point, I started bolting the guard back on to the Jeep.  I also wanted to spray the fasteners once they were in place.  Scott's wife helped with the taping (she didn't really want me to paint the TJ black) and in no time, we had enough in place to prevent me from making too bad of a mistake. 

After the paint dried, I bolted the lights and such back in place and we called it a day.

I'll be doing LED tail lights in a bit so stay tuned as the corner guards take on a new look (gotta do something during Christmas vacation, right?)




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