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Toys by Troy Rocker Guards

Note:  Toys by Troy shut down their operation at the end of 2007.  Instead of removing this write-up, I am leaving it on the web site for a couple of reasons.  The steps for installing it are pretty much the same as one from another manufacturer and so you'll get an idea of what is involved if you decide to do this type of modification.  If you happen to come across one on the used market, you'll have some information about it that can help you do the installation correctly.

I was looking for a rocker guard that attached directly to the tub and provided good protection underneath.  I also wanted a guard with a bar (I call them push off bars) that would double as a step (so Jeep friends could practice their out rigger skills) and also keep the doors away from the rocks a bit more than my current rocker guards were doing..  Troy's new rocker guards had everything I was looking for so I picked up a pair to try on the TJ.  I gave them a good once over after I got them home.  The powder coat was nicely done and the 3/16" thick guards looked like they would take a beating beyond what I would muster.  I know Troy was running a pair of these on his  TJ (it's where the first prototype gets tested).  I contacted MikeW (who helped me do the TWC installation) and set up a Saturday at his place to do some wrenchin'.. 

Since these were brand new guards (the Sun Performance guards these were replacing had been purchased used), I thought I would try Tough Stuff Product's
Rocker Guard Gasket product.  It is applied to the inner surface of the guard where it comes in contact with the rocker's sheet metal.  It is designed to cushion and seal the guard to protect the rocker's paint and help stop rust damage.  While Arizona is relatively dry and rust is not as big an issue as it is in other areas, I still wanted something between the Jeep and the guards.

With a mid-morning start time scheduled with Mike, I got to his place a little before 9:00.  He had some coffee at the ready which was a good thing because my cup was just about emptied during the drive to his house.  He had pulled his TJ out of the garage and I slipped mine inside (he was worried about me hitting the garage door but there was a full inch of clearance!) so we could get started.  The weather forecast was for a high in the mid 90's so neither of use wanted to wrench in the driveway.  Even though it is nearly mid-October here, summer hasn't completely lost its grip.


While I was breaking out the drill and bits, sockets and wrenches, etc., Mike got busy removing the Sun guards from the TJ.  The Sun guards had been on for several years and were in pretty good shape.  There were the obvious scratches on the sides and bottom of the guards, but they had remained straight and performed their job.


Both Mike and myself were glad to see that we had no major rust damage underneath the removed rockers.  While the dirt and hard water had left their marks, the rust stayed away (see, I told you it was a DRY HEAT here in Arizona!).  One of the reasons I wanted to use the rocker guard gasket material was to help with the half dozen holes that were no longer going to be used (not to mention the pop rivet holes from the Sahara trim strip).  Mike wiped down the sheet metal and with just a little elbow grease, they came out looking pretty good. 


Before the guards could be fitted into position, the Tough Stuff gasket guard was applied.  Piece of cake!  I peeled the paper off of the back side (be careful, the adhesive is quite sticky) and we lined up the top edge of the gasket with the upper edge of the guard.  The gasket guard is 6" wide which was just right for these guards.  Depending on the height of your rocker guards, you may have to trim the gasket material.  Not a problem, a razor blade does a great job.


So that Troy's guards can be flush fit at the bottom of the doors, the guards have a relieved area that is laser cut during manufacturing so the embossed JEEP emblem doesn't get covered up.  A little work with the razor blade and that was taken care of.


With the relieved area trimmed away, we cut off the excess from each end of the rocker guard and the task of installing the rocker guard gasket material was finished.  We grabbed the other rocker guard and gasket material and made quick time with it as well. 


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