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Toys by Troy Side Sliders

Update:  10/24/2006

I was wheelin' a month ago with some friends who were new to the area we were running that day.   We had finished the trail and were heading back to the air-up spot when we decided to take a little side trip down a 20 minute long wash that had a couple of funs spots along the way.


I've been over this crack a dozen or two times in the past 8 years and have spotted three times that number of people over it.  There is always a first time for everything and on this particular day, I was off the line with my rear tire by about an inch (it's only two inches wide to start with).  My front wheel had made it but I turned too soon and the rear dropped all the way off of the ledge and down to the bottom.  When that happens, it is strap or winch time.  (it was a friendly tug on the strap for me)


So.....the folks along on this run got to see first hand why I have side sliders on my TJ.  The driver's side tub would have been into the rock had it not been for the slider.  Yeah, it got scratched up a bit (now it  better matches my rocker guards).  

I try not to "depend" on the guards and skids on my TJ.  Finding the best line and keeping on it reduces the dragging and scraping that some drivers assume is "Jeep driving".  Instead, the guards and skids are there for when I can't keep the line and gravity takes over.  It's a good feeling when a bystander yells out...."No biggie, it was just the slider."  (better that than the body)

Good trails and remember to TREADLightly!



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