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I checked over the pipe insulation that had served as my roll bar padding and found it to be in good shape.  No reason it could not be used again.  I stopped off at the local building supply store and picked up a new bag of black zip ties.  I only had white ones and I didn't like the looks of those on the black padding.  I had a new pair of Raingler handles sitting on the shelf from when I had gotten their nets and decided to put them in too.  They use a hook and loop fastener and should work well.


Troy now laser cuts a "TBT" into the sports bar mount.  With the padding installed and the Raingler handles in place, it was time to wrap up this project.  As with the previous sports bar, I hope I never have to test this one.  However, if I do, I hope I come out of it as well as Tracy did when she rolled her TJ with a TBT sports bar in it.  Here is a video of the roll over




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