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Homestead Hardware

As I see it, a working homestead has to have some kind of hardware.  Things like a cultivator, rotary tiller, wagon, tractor, or brush hog would fall into this category.  And hardware certainly extends out to anything used for wood harvesting, such as a chainsaw, wood splitter, and even the wood shed.  Other buildings can be lumped into that too, such as a chicken coop or storage shed.  Lots of times we end up modifying one of these things to do the job better or perhaps do a job that it might not have been intended for.  OSHA might have a conniption fit if they saw some of these modifications but such is life....you do what you need to do in order to get the job done....and being safe while doing so too.  So this section includes information about these kind of things and others that might be of interest to folks stopping by to see what's here. 

firewood and tractor





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