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We were starting our 2nd spring here on the homestead when it had became obvious that we needed more storage space.  Being retired didn't mean you stopped accumulating stuff.  The 3rd stall in the garage that I was keeping our Polaris 4x4 in was taken over by our new tractor.  I had no intensions of leaving one of our vehicles parked in front of the garage.  We needed a spot for the Polaris and other odds and ends.

We built our firewood shed and chicken coop the previous year and they both worked well for their intended purposes.  In fact, the chicken coop, only having chickens in it for 2 months per year, serves as winter storage for our lawn mower, gas grill, etc.  I began searching for another shed for long term Polaris 4x4 storage along with anything else that might come along.  The plan was to buy the materials and build it ourselves as we done with the previous projects.

While browsing Craigslist, I ran across an ad for shipping containers.  The seller was located about 50 miles away from the homestead so I gave them a call to see what was available.  The seller had several on site and so we headed on over the next day to take a look at them.  With everything here on the homestead being less than two years old, the last thing I wanted was a rusty ol' container.  The seller assured me he had a single trip container available that was in excellent condition.

 The seller had a single trip 20' container just like he said.  An unexpected surprise was another single trip container with double doors on both ends.  Single trip containers are built over seas and loaded with their contents.  After arriving in the U.S., they are emptied and sold as a premium container, which they certainly are.  I bought the new container and we scheduled a delivery date.  So much for having to build my new shed from scratch. 


pressure treated ground contact timbers for storage container

The first order of business was to get some ground rated pressure treated timbers to set the container on.  A quick trip to Menard's got the timbers I needed.  I set them for a slight left to right slope to assist with draining water off the container's roof.  All I needed now was for the seller to deliver the container and set it on my timbers.

shipping container 1st view

The seller arrived with the container on a tilt trailer.  He struggled quite a bit to get the container off of the trailer and onto the timbers without moving the timbers out of place.  After he left, I used my floor jack and lifted the container's corners, one at a time, just enough for me to place the timbers back into position.  Job done! 


storage container 2nd view

Here are the 2nd set of double doors at the other end of the container.  Without these extra doors, Murhphy's Law would hold true virtually everytime you wanted to remove something from the trailer, which means, "Whatever you want to remove from the container will always be at the far end."  Not for me!  This second set of doors is just what the doctor ordered!  It cost several hundred more for this container with two sets of doors but it was worth it, in my opinion.


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