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Storage Container

shipping container 3rd view

The Polaris 4x4 fits easily in its new "garage".  Since this photo was taken, I placed a pressure treated post along the front edge of the container.  Using the tractor's frontend loader, I spread some gravel in front of the container.  This negated the need for the ramps. 

storage container 4th view

Aside from the rust, which this container did not have, I wasn't crazy about the numbers and lettering.  With this being a very new container, I was able to peal everything off once things warmed in the summer sun.  I'm sure that if the container had seen some use in the open weather, they never would have peeled.  Yet another benefit to getting a single trip container! 


storage container 5th view

I decided to make myself a shelf in the container.  I had some boxes that weren't heavy but were bulky that would fit in such a place.  I salvaged the wood from a shipping crate to make the shelf. 


storage container 6th view

There were multiple sets of tie-down anchors in the container which worked perfectly for attaching the shelf.  This allowed me to easily hang the shelf without drilling any holes.  I used chain so I could quickly change the shelf height at a late time if needed. 

This end of the storage container is currently being used for my deck furniture (during the cold season), a rototiller, a 3 pt hitch mounted broadcast spreader, and a few other things that shouldn't sit out in the weather. 

Our container has survived its first winter.  I must have gotten the slope right because only the east side of the container had ice cycles on it once the spring melt started.  We are very pleased with the container and have no doubt it will be here on the homestead long after we are gone.  If you have been considering one for your own use, get one with doors on both ends and if its in the budget, get a single trip unit.  You won't regret it.




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