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Our Chicken Coop

power receptacle

The only reason for AC electrical power is to power the heat lamp when the chicks are young.  Since the building is portable, I couldn't trench AC power to it.  I decided to use a heavy duty extension cord and simply run power from the nearby garage.  Here is the AC power receptacle that brings power into the coop.


AC power wiring 

The yellow box holds that receptacle from the previous photo.  I installed a dual gang box for the two switched circuits, one for the heat lamp outlet and one for the overhead light. 


overhead light and power outlet 

Here is the overhead light and the power outlet that the heat lamp uses.  The lamp is hung by a length of chain with a carabineer so the height can be easily adjusted for temperature.

coop is used for seasonal storage too

During the winter months when the coop would sit empty, we store such things as the riding mower and the gas grill.  I also keep a pile of birch bark in a couple of boxes which I use as kindling for the woodstove in the house.  During the season when the chicks are in the coop, the mower is parked in the garage and the grill is out on the deck.  So the chicken coop works really well for seasonal storage.

the chicken coop two years later

Two years ago, there was no snow when we built the coop.  I took this picture today, the 7th of April, and we still have plenty.  We got a lot more snow this winter than we have over the past couple of years. 

So there you have it.....our chicken coop that also provides off-season storage. 

Update:  July 2019 -- This has been a worthwhile investment and as I update this article, I'm glad to say that we just finshed raising our 4th batch of chicks.  The building is holding up well.  I did an upgrade to it last year....a good coat of outdoor paint on the floor.  The chickens would slosh their water when getting a drink and I didn't like seeing the plywood flooring getting damp.  Even though we had bedding, the floor would still absorb water.  This season, the floor stayed dry.....the paint did the trick. 



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