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Ladder Stand-off Stabilizer

cross arm brace attached to stabilizer arm

A cross arm brace is connected between both ends of the stabilizer arms using the supplied bolts and Nyloc nuts.  These can be tightened with a 7/16" wrench which will be used on the other nuts in the next step.  The brace will prevent the arms from twisting out and away from each other once a person's weight is on the ladder.


squaring up the steps to the stabilizer arms

Before tightening the nuts that hold the arms in place, use a tape measure to check the distance between opposite corners to make sure the stabilizer arms are square to the steps.  Skipping this step can cause the stabilizer arms to tilt the ladder to one side when put on the roof.  Not a good thing to have happen.  You may need to snug the nuts just a bit before measuring in order to keep things from moving.  Once things are square, tighten the Nyloc nuts.  Don't get two heavy handed.  Collapsing the tubing won't do you any good. 


laddermax in position on extension ladder steps

With all nuts tightened, place the Ladder-Max over the 2nd and 3rd steps on the extension ladder.  Use the supplied wire lock pins on the lower step.  This will ensure the Ladder-Max doesn't slip off of the ladder steps.  This is the easy on / easy off feature mentioned earlier.  It only takes a few seconds to remove the wire lock pins and slip the Ladder-Max off of your extension ladder.


ladder on roof - view 1

At this point, use your ladder as you normally would except for it banging into the rain gutters....you get to skip that part. 


ladder on roof - view 2

Another view of my extension ladder in position to do some gutter cleanout.  I haven't cleaned all my gutters yet but I'm happy with the Ladder-Max at this time.  I also put the extension ladder on my house roof with equally good results.

The first thing you notice is the stability factor....well, that and the fact that you aren't trying to flatten the gutters.  It really does a good job of stabilizing the ladder.  Yes, there is about 6 or 7 pounds worth of additional hardware on the end of the ladder but it is more than manageable.  I'm not a big guy and I had no problem positioning the extension ladder.  You'll also notice that those big red rubber ends, on the stabilizer arms, grab the asphalt shingles quite well.  You'll won't be sliding the ladder along the roof.  But then again, that is why you put the Ladder-Max on your ladder in the first place, so it didn't go sliding along the roof. 

I hope you found my assembly comments and review of the Ladder-Max helpful.  Be sure to use the supplied instructions when you assemble your Ladder-Max.




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