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PetSafe 300 yd. Remote Trainer

Over the past 20+ years, we have had numerous dogs, all of them strays but one.  All of them were very well behaved.  Over the course of 15 years, three of them were died in the wool Jeep dogs and even went to Moab with Donna and I.  They would come when called and would sit in the Jeep for hours with no doors or top.  A couple of them moved to the homestead with us and enjoyed the outdoors and even a couple of skunks.  (I said they were well behaved, not skunk smart.)  Old age and cancer took their toll and in late 2017, we lost the last one.  Early in 2018, I found a local ad for a little pit bull terrier puppy.  That same day, we brought home our new pup, Toby.



Meet Toby.  He weighed in at about 12 pounds when we got him.  It was near the end of January so spending any appreciable time outside was not realistic.  With the help of a doggie jacket, he went outside for bathroom breaks and that was it.  We got him house broken without any major problems.  I don't think I've ever put my snow boots on so many times in a 2 month period.  <grin>

 As the weather warmed and Toby got a little more body mass, his ability to stay outside on the leash improved.  We would go for leashed walks around the homestead yard area, following the paths I had plowed during the winter.  With his love for playing with tennis balls, I started letting him off the leash to play catch, which worked well.  Other times when he was off-leash, he would refuse to come when called.  It was as though that little patch of spring melted lawn had 100% of his attention.  At one point, he started running and refused to come back when called.  When he bounced off the barb wire fence and cut himself in a couple of spots, I decided it was time to do something before he seriously hurt himself.  The last thing I wanted was for him to make the 100+ yd. dash out to the highway and get hit by a vehicle.


PetSafe 300 yd Remote Trainer

After some online research, I ordered the PetSafe 300 Yard Remote Trainer.  It was not the cheapest "training collar" by far, but the reviews seemed to be quite favorable towards this brand/model.  It is listed as being waterproof (not just water resistant).  I've no plans for Toby to going swimming with it but should he find one of the slews here on the homestead, it should be good afterwards.

I'm sure there is some kind of unboxing video on the internet so I'm not going to go through all of that.  I'll leave you to your favorite search engine to find that if so interested.


petsafe 300 collar and controller on charger

The SafePet 300 consists of a collar module and a remote control module.  The radio receiver in the collar module responds to control signals from the remote control.  A wall-wart style charger is supplied that can charge the collar and controller at the same time.  While charging, the collars power button glows green and turns off when the collar is fully charged.  The controller has an animated battery charge icon which stops animating when it is fully charged.  The manuals states that you need to remove the devices from the charger once charging is done.  There is no power switch on the controller.  You should turn off the collar when it is not being used for training.


diagram of control buttons

One of the features that initially drew me to the SafePet 300 was that it provides beeps, vibrations, and static stimulations (nice word for electric shock).  As designed, the vibrate and stimulation features share the same control button.  Furthermore, the control button that manages the stimulation level also includes a setting for vibrate.  So if your dog didn't respond to the vibration, then you have to repeatedly press another button to take it from vibrate to the appropriate stimulation setting, of which there are fifteen.  So basically, while you are fiddle farting around with perhaps 8 to 12 button presses, your dog is running off or getting into trouble.  Not the best design in my opinion.  It can also control a 2nd collar if you buy the collar.  Personally, I would rather have that button assigned to the vibration feature so the stimulation level can be left as desired. 

Training is about using the least amount of collar control to get the desired results.  To me that means starting with a beep.  If that doesn't work, move up to the vibration function.  If that doesn't work, then move on to one of the 15 levels of static stimulation.  It's not like you are using a stun gun on your dog.  I tried the static stimulation on my finger and couldn't feel anything down on the 1 and 2 settings.  Maybe my hands are too rough/dry.  I think I stopped checking by the time I got to 12.  Ever put your tounge across the terminals of a fresh 9 volt batter?  The level 12 kind of reminded me of that.  

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