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PetSafe 300 yd. Remote Trainer

rear view of collar module

Here is the back side of the collar module.  This is what lies against your dog.  There are two sizes of contact studs, one longer, the other shorter.  The shorter set was installed on the collar as delivered.  The longer set would be more effective on a dog with a thicker coat of hair or perhaps one with coarse or stiff hair.  A small tool is supplied for changing the studs.  That tool also serves as a test light so you can verify that the collar is providing stimulation.  It just barely illuminates when on level 1 and grows progressively brighter as you increase the stimulation setting.  The two small blue rubber plugs are spare covers for the charging jacks.  Nice touch.

A quick start guide is supplied with the PetSafe 300.  A more complete owner's manual can be found on their website, www.petsafe.net.  I would suggest getting it as it provides good guidance regarding how and when to use the collar while training your dog.

As I write this review, I've only used the collar for three days, but it is working as I had hoped.  Toby's "selective hearing" is improving.  I can already see a change in his behavior when he is called.  What used to take far too much shouting now only requires that his name be called a couple of times.  After being stimulated a few times, I try to use the beep feature during the next time and that is helping.  When he doesn't respond to the beep, I use the stimulation.  I know he does not have a hearing problem as he can hear his kibble bucket lid opening from 100 yds. away.  <grin>

It took me a few trips outside before I got the adjustable collar properly fitted on Toby's neck.  At first, I had it too loose and the static stimulation was sporadic.  When he didn't respond, I would increase the level and then once it made proper contact with his neck, it was too high.  The collar is now adjusted so it fits very snug, much more so than his regular dog collar.  I'm not using inside our house.  I put it on him about 30 minutes before going outside and leave it on him for a half hour after he comes back inside.  I don't really want him associating the training with the collar.

At this point in time, I am quite satisfied with the SafePet 300.  I'll report back later when I have some additional comments that might be of use to others.

Update:  It has been nearly two weeks and I've been very satisifed with the collar.  I am now taking our 6 month old pup out into the woods when I work on 4x4 trail maintenance.  He occasionally gets distracted and starts following his nose (can you blame him?) and the collar is used to remind him he is being called back.  I don't know how far it actually works but he is usually out of sight at 50 yds and he responds and comes back.  Keeping the collar very snug on his neck is paramount for successful operation....at least it is for our dog.   



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