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WoodMaxx SB-60 Snowblower

SB-60 manual crank for the chute

Speaking of the blower chute, here is a pic of the crank used to adjust the rotation of the chute.  I had to drill a mounting hole in the ROPS bar for the WoodMaxx supplied eye bolt that holds the rod in position.  Just a reminder.....if you having wiring running through the ROPS, be careful when you drill.  No, I didn't hit mine but thought it was certainly worth mentioning. 


SB-60 mounted on tractor

With the manual option , there is another adjustor (circled in red in the photo above) on the chute which controls the chute's deflector which changes how high the snow is blown into the air.  To adjust that, I do have to get off the tractor.  So far, I've adjust it twice and it is not likely I'll be doing it again.  If you have one of the two powered options, this too would be adjustable from the tractor seat.  If you were blowing snow in an urban environment, I could easily see where a person may wish to make this adjustment quite often and having it controlled electrically or by hydraulics would be very helpful.  For me living out in the country on my 80 acres, I've got plenty of space around my yard and along the driveway where throwing the snow as far as possible is just what I want. 

One of the two skid shoes, circled in blue, is shown in the previous photo.  It is used to raise/lower what WoodMaxx calls the cutting blade on the blower.  It is located at the bottom of the auger housing.  If you have a stone drieway, you can turn this cutting blade over so that the tapper points upward.  If you are blowing on a concrete or ashpalt driveway, you probably want your cutting blade to be scraping the surface.  The tractor's 3 point top link is used to angle the entire blower to help obtain the best performance.  I have a gravel driveway and ended up raising extending the skid shoes one hole.  It leave a very small layer of snow on the ground and this works well for the surface I am working on. 

The PTO gear box requires a quart of 80W-90 or 75W-90 synthetic gear lube which is NOT supplied by WoodMaxx.  I had a bottle of Mobil 1 synthetic gear lube sitting on the shelf and used that.  WoodMaxx puts a big tag on the fill cap of the gear box to make sure you fill it before use.  And speaking about lubrication, the bearings are factory greased.  According to the owner's manual, operating the snowblower in a clean and dry environment, adding more grease should not be required for at least 500 hours of use (yes, that is five hundred and NOT a typo).  WoodMaxx has a lubrication page in the owner's manual so be sure to read that too so you don't overgrease the bearings and damage them.

I didn't purchase the premium PTO driveshaft.  I've not done so on any of my PTO driven implements and haven't had any issues because of it.  I average about 100 hours a year of tractor time divided across all of my implements, some that have no PTO at all.  I'm not exactly cranking in long hard days on the hayfield like I did when I was growing up as a kid on a working farm.  Don't forget to grease the fittings on the PTO driveshaft. 

WoodMaxx provides a couple of extra shear bolts.  The shear bolts are used on the PTO shaft and also on the auger drive assembly.  The SB-60 is designed for the usual PTO speed of 540 RPM.  Be sure to follow the steps in the owner's manual to ensure your PTO driveshaft is the correct length for your tractor.  You may have to shorten it if it is too long....a common step for many PTO driven implements.  As it was, my setup had a couple of inches to spare at the driveshaft's full compression so I didn't have to shorten mine.  I run Pat's Easy Change 3 Point Hitch which extends the lower arms.  That most likely accounts for why I didn't have to trim anything off of the PTO driveshaft.


WoodMaxx SB-60 mounted on Massey Ferguson 1529 tractor

Cutting a 60" wide path with the blower is no problem for my MF 1529 tractor.  WoodMaxx recommends a PTO horsepower range of 18-30 HP.  TractorData rates my PTO HP at 23 HP and it has no problem handling the snow I've used it on so far.  Even when I back it into one of the snowbanks I piled up with the front end loader, it easily chews right into the snow.....and we all know how hard that snow can get.  The PTO driveshaft recommendation for greasing is once very 20 hours.  The PTO gear box has an inspection plug on it....removing it and filling until the gear lube dribbles out is the recommended procedure to ensure your gear box is properly filled.

Here is a short MP4 video my wife took while I was doing a test run for adjusting the cutting height and angle of my snowblower.

There is plenty more info in the owner's manual but I'll leave that for you to read should you decide to get a WoodMaxx tractor mounted snowblower.  This is my first season with it so my experience is somewhat limited.  That being said, the SB-60 has met and/or exceeded my expectations.  I was initially concerned about how far it would throw the snow but that concern was cancelled the first time I backed it into 20" of standing snow.  I look forward to using it the rest of this winter and for many more to come.  If you are in the market for a blower, give the WoodMaxx blowers some serious considerations....you won't be disappointed.




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