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DIY Tractor Weight Box

weight box with steel top links

Using the wooden arms as a pattern, I cut and drilled the 1/4" thick steel to match the wooden arms.  The upper end of the steel arms were reinforced with two more pieces of 1/4" thick steel.  These where then welded together and two braces were also welded to the arms, making for a very sturdy attachment point for the top link of the tractor.

Using some more "finds" from the garage, I constructed a metal sub-frame that bolted to the draw bar and extended towards the rear of the weight box.  This too was 1/4" thick steel and made for a very strong lower support in the weight box.  The last step in the build process was to use some 1/2" rebar left over from another project and tie it into the existing metal in the weight box.  After a trip to the local Menard's to pick up fourteen 60# bags of concrete, I was just about ready to start pouring concrete the following morning.

 I really didn't expect the unsupported 1/2" plywood to hold the force of nearly 900 pounds of concrete.  Using four pieces of angle iron, one at each corner of the box, I took three ratchet straps and tightened them around the weight box.  In hindsight, I can say it was a great idea and worked very well. 


mixing concrete for weight box 

Half way through the concrete pouring part of the project with seven bags done and seven more to go.  I mixed one bag at a time and it went very well.   I used a 1" metal rod to tamp and pack the concrete into the weight box after every couple of bags.


weightbox full of concrete 

Full of concrete and ready for several weeks of curing, you can see the ratchet straps and the angle iron used to support the walls while the concrete was poured.  Once this was sitting as you see it, I cleaned up the empty bags and washed the concrete from the wheelbarrow, the hoe, and the shovel. 

As I write this, the 4th of July is but a couple of days away.   Around the first of August, I'll be able to remove the straps and wood and hook it to the tractor.  I normally use chains on my tractor for winter plowing.  I look forward to giving it a try this year using the weight box to enhance my rear tire traction.  I'm hoping it works because not having to put the chains on and get them cinched up snug is a chore I would gladly skip if I could.


completed weightbox attached to tractor

After several weeks of curing, I decided to give the new weightbox a try.  I was planning on moving some oak firewood rounds in the loader so I hooked up the box to see how it worked with a full load of oak in the loader.  A couple of trips between the woods and the woodshed went well and the weightbox did its job.  I still need to remove the bottom of the mold but I'll get to that when I have some time.


painted weight box

A little Massey Furgeson red paint to seal things up and it is ready to go.  I'm thinking of using some black paint on the top link connection point along with the two lower arms points.  That would set it off a bit and it would look good. 



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