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Hobart 140 and homemade cart

Here is my 2nd project.  While working on the deer stand project, I quickly grew tired of the welder sitting on a milk crate and the gas bottle not being safely anchored.  Another trip to the steel supply store, a quick stop to get some wheels at the hardware store, and I was ready to start on my welding cart.  It isn't beautiful but the welds will keep it from falling apart. 


welding cart back view

The gas bottle is secured with a chain and the 1" tall lip around the lower part of the cart's frame keeps it from sliding off.  The cart only moves the length of the cord from its parking spot.  I installed a 30 amp GFIC outlet, heavy gauge wiring, and breaker for the welder.


wheel ramp project

My next project was for our riding lawn mower.  My wife uses the riding mower.  After mowing, she cleans the mower deck.  One day I asked her if she would like a pair of ramps so she clean the deck a little easier.


painted wheel ramps

After I finished welding, a couple coats of Rustoleum flat black made them look pretty good.  I used 1" square tubing for the ramps and 2" angle iron as the wheel stop.  These are easily strong enough to hold my Polaris Ranger. 


riding mower on wheel ramps

When this photo was taken just before I had just finished the wheel ramps.  They didn't have the braces welded at the bottom of the feet.  This keeps the feet from sinking into the ground and possibly allowing the ramp to tip.  The reason for the paint....they will sit out near the edge of the side yard during the summer since we mow at least weekly.  I've no desire to carry them back and forth to the garage all summer long.  So the paint will retard the rusting, at least to some degree anyway.

So this is the end of this story.  As I write this, I already have my next project on the back burner....a weight (ballast) box for my Massey Furgeson tractor.  I've been gathering a few photos of a couple of designs I've found and will hopefully get it done this summer so I'll have it in time for snow season.  I use the tractor for moving snow and the rear end gets light and looses traction in the snow.



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