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VersaTube Steel Framed Wood Shed

rafter assembly ready to be put into place

All of the pieces for a rafter assembly were laid out on the pad and then slipped together (as mentioned earlier).  The self tapping metal screws were used to secure it into a completed assembly.  Once that was done, Donna and I raised the assembly and slipped each end over an upright  on the frame rail.  More screws were used to secure this union between the rafter assembly and the frame rail. 


installing the center roof panel

Did I mention you will need a couple of tall step ladders once you have all the rafters in position?  While I had one of my own, I borrowed another one from my brother-in-law.  We used a number of c-clamps to hold the roof panels in position while securing them to the rafters using the supplied self tapping metal screws.  These self tappers, different than the ones used on the rails, were designed to make a water tight seal on the roof.  Take your time and measure multiple times before making those holes in the roof panels.  I'm happy to say I followed my own advice and did NOT have any extra holes in my roof.


attaching more roof panels

I found that once the center panel was installed the length of the shelter, the next row of panels , being about 3' wide, made it impossible for me to reach across it to the far side to screw it into the rafters....all this while standing on a ladder that told me to stay off of the two top rungs.  As you can see in the above photo, this is where my tractor came into the project as "portable scaffolding".  I've no doubt that OSHA would go nuts with that setup but aside from renting and installing a lot of scaffolding, that was my only option.  I used my extension ladder to crawl into and out of the bucket, not wanting to have anyone raise and lower the bucket with me in it. 


snap line on the roof panels

After getting some of the panels in position and I'm standing in the front end loader, it became a challenge to figure out where the rafter was under the roof panel.  Being off an inch either way could mean missing the rafter and putting a unused hole in the roof.  We took some small diameter cord and stretched it across the roof, clamping it to the side of the rafters.  Once this was snapped a few times, it lined up nice and straight.  Drilling a fixed distance to the side of the cord put the screw right in the middle of the rafter.  Perfect it was!

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