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VersaTube Steel Framed Wood Shed

nearly completed roof

Here is the shelter with one row of roof panels yet to be installed on each side of the existing roof.  That last row covers the curve of the rafter and extends the roof down the rafter about another 2 feet.


setting a treated pole at the end of the shelter

With all the roof panels secured in place, I decided to block off the unused end of the shelter to retain the wood.  A trip to a nearby company that pressure treats lumber provided me with some long posts that weren't available at the local lumber yards.  I also picked up some boards to go with them.  I dug my post holes 4' deep and with the help of the front end loader, lifted the very heavy post into the hole.  After tamping it solidly into place, I repeated this one more time.


wood retaining wall install completed

The posts have been set and the 2"x8" boards are attached with lag bolts.  I intended on using this retaining wall to stop the wood from spilling out of the shelter once I stated piling it high.  Obviously there is too much space between the boards to really make this work but I didn't want to double up on the boards due to increased cost and reduced air flow.


retaining wall with chain link panels installed

While discussing this with my neighbor, he told me he had some 5'x10' chain link livestock panels that had been salvaged from a barn.   I pulled a couple of them from his pile and spent part of a day cleaning up and applying a coat of paint.  Perfect solution in my opinion....no wood is going to slip through that and air flow will not be impacted. 

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