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VersaTube Steel Framed Wood Shed

partially filled woodshed

Our partially filled wood shed going into the first heating season.  It is mostly filled with red oak and poplar.  We use mostly poplar at the beginning and end of the heating season where we don't want a long burning fire in the wood stove.  During the colder months, a couple of pieces of poplar is used to get the oak burning well.  With few exceptions, we only have two fires a day during the cold months.  Our new house is so well insulated that attempting to run a fire all day results in temps well into the 80 degree range....way too hot for comfort.  So we start a fire in the morning when we get up and keep it going for a couple of hours unless it is really overcast wherein we'll keep it fired for an additional hour to build up a little extra heat.  I'll start another fire in the evening, after dinner sometime, and we'll keep that one burning for a couple of hours as well.  Yes, we love our new house here on the homestead.   


woodshed inside view

That partial row of wood you see just right of center was a full row at the start of the 2016-2017 heating season.  This photo was taken in late spring at a point where we were making about 1 fire a day in the wood stove.  By my calculations, we burned about 1 1/2 cords of wood.  We had low temps that were more than 40 below zero but the temps didn't stay there for a week at a time.  So I started the heating season with 5 rows of wood in the shed and ended it with 4 rows.  Not every season will be that good....but I doubt it will ever be over two rows either.

This past summer, I caught a sale at Menard's for rain gutters.  With the mail in rebate, the gutters were $0.00.   I paid for down spouts and the pieces to join the 10' gutters.  It was an inexpensive ending to the project, a year later, and worth the small cost. 

During the past two summers that this wood shed as been up, it's survived several good wind storms that were strong enough to uproot trees and bring down a number of big limbs.  If you are in need of a metal frame wood shelter, be it for wood or perhaps your boat or ATVs, I would recommend a VersaTube structure.  There are many models to pick from and if you can't find one in their catalog, they will custom build one to your dimensions. 



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