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Welcome to the largest Jeep Wrangler TJ project web site on the net.  I enjoy wrenching and wheelin' my '98 TJ and much of what has been done to it resides on this site.  I do the work myself and if I need a little help, I find a friend who has the necessary skills.  I have written up most of the projects to share with you.  My site covers quite a variety of topics and I hope you find something that is helpful to you.  Before you start on a mod or install, always read the write-up completely and be sure you stay safe when working on your Jeep.  From bolt on to custom fab, product reviews to do-it-yourself ideas, there is something here for everyone to enjoy.  And for those who also enjoy the shooting sports, there is a section dedicated to that as well as some info on Glock History

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Enjoy yourself and stop by again.......Stu

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