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TJ Grease Fitting Locations


Every now and then, someone decides to start doing their own oil and lube maintenance on their TJ.  It is cheaper than the corner lube joints and for about the same price as you pay there, you can use top grade synthetic oil, if you so desire.  Plus, you won't have some pimply faced drop out cross threading your drain plug or breaking the oil pressure sender off when his filter wrench slips.  Of course, there was the time when right after a Jiffy Lube appointment, my A/C compressor would no longer engage....well, you see why I do my own.  You just can't get hired help anymore at these places that are responsible enough to do an adequate job, let alone a good one.



The picture above is looking at the passenger side front tire as seen from the front of the vehicle.  There are two grease fittings shown here, both circled in green.  #1 is at the top of the picture and is located on the top of the ball joint.  #2, at the bottom of the picture, can not be clearly seen here.  If you look up from the bottom at #2, you can clearly see the grease fitting on the end of the tie rod. Both of these fittings are also located on the driver's side front tire as well.



In the picture above, grease fitting #3 is located just to the left of the first two fittings.  It is at the point where drag link connects to the tie rod, about a foot to the left of the first two fittings.



In the picture above, the #4 grease fitting is located at the end of the pitman arm where it connect to the drag link.  #5 is located at the end of the track bar where it connects to the frame mount.

Other TJ Grease Fittings



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