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Made the #1 Google Listing for Jeep TJ!

After all these years of pounding the keyboard, taking pictures, doing write-ups, and spending who knows how much money on my TJ, I was totally surprised this past weekend (August 19, 2006) when I Googled the search term "jeep tj" and found my site at the top of the list (sponsored links don't count, IMO, as anyone can pay $$ to get their site at the top of the list).  I snapped a screen capture of my FireFox browser page on August 21.....I was still at the top of the list) just to commemorate the occasion. 

Yeah, it may not mean much to you, but it means a lot to me.  I employed no search engine optimization tricks, no paid consultants, no special software, no keyword padding or stuffing, none of it......just honest work, quality content, and a loyal readership that will continue to keep the traffic flowing out of this site.

A big thanks to stu-offroad.com readers and to Google! 




Update 2/9/2007: 

I happened to check Goggle today and noticed that an FAQ slipped into the #1 position.  Maybe I need to add an FAQ to my site.....NOT!  Oh well, I held it for 5 months....I can live with that. 

Update 3/22/2007:

I happened to check today and we were back up in the #1 slot again. 

Update 12/31/2012:

It's New Years Eve and we're still sitting in the #1 spot on Google after more than 6 years. 




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