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Jeep Dogs

What Jeep excursion would be complete without a Jeep dog at your side?  What, you don't go Jeepin' with your dog?  Well, you better start cuz there is no better way to spend a day on the trail, in my opinion. 

We recently had to put our 13 yr old Jeep dog down.  His quality of life was gone (too many medical problems), compared to what he once enjoyed.  He spent years riding in the back of our XJ while we explored the desert and canyon trails of Arizona.

My son acquired a puppy a few months back and once his pup (Angle) spent a few days at our place, my wife decided we should get another dog.  So, into our life came Syra, a full blooded "Pitman" (that would be a 50/50 mix of registered Doberman Pinscher and registered American Pit Bull Terrier).  She has a personality that will melt your heart and the temper to go with it.  A real sweetheart....we were lucky to find her.

I have no doubt that as she gets some experience (as I write this, she is a bit over 5 months old and has 3 Jeep trips under her belt), she will become quite the trail companion.  She has almost outgrown her motion sickness (most pups normally do) and she now looks forward to getting into the TJ with us. 


Here she is riding in the "Center seat" in the TJ.  She lays with her chest on the center arm rest and holds on with her front legs.  Her rear end is sitting on the built in storage box.  While you wouldn't know it from the picture, we were doing a pretty good section of trail when this picture was snapped.  Yes, she was almost asleep too.  I was almost standing on the floor boards and she was tucked in nice and tight, catching a few winks until we stopped and she cold hop out to check out the area.


This was Angle, on the same trip as Syra.  It was her first trip out running the desert ridges.  We tossed a couple of jackets on top of the tool bags and she claimed that spot as hers!  Its a good thing the hard top was on because she would had slip out of the Jeep if it wasn't.  This was taken late in the afternoon and she was pretty much done in for the day.  Her and Syra had played a whole bunch by then and she was taking every opportunity she could to recharge her batteries.  I have no doubt that she will be along on many more trips.


Nov. 23, 2004

The pups have both gotten a little bigger since the above pics were taken.  They both weigh in at a little under 65 pounds each.  At 2+ years old, they aren't getting any bigger but are maturing nicely with a good disposition.  They live for the weekends when we hit the trails.  They are rock dogs to the bone!



August 8, 2007

Back in February, Donna rescued a little black puppy (vet estimated him to be 7 weeks old) from the church parking lot one evening when the temps were below freezing.  He had a handful of medical problems all stemming from neglect and improper diet.  Well......little puppies grow up to be big puppies. 

Here is Smokey, Syra's and Angle's "little brother".  Donna still thinks he fits on her lap....or maybe I should say that Smokey still thinks he can fit on her lap.  With his favorite Kong toy stuck in his mouth, he is quite the pooch.  He too is a pit mix and the rock dogs have taught him well.  Don't jump the fence to our back yard....you won't like the twelve legged welcome wagon.  LOL! 




Unfortunately, our Jeep dogs are no longer with us.  Old age (Angle) and cancer (Syra & Smokie) have taken them from us.  Angle and Smokie were with us long enough to make the move to Northern Minnesota.  They were able to live here on the homestead for two years, enjoying everything a dog could want.  We miss all of them dearly.