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Moab 2000

This was the first year for me at Moab.  What an experience!  Running trails for 7 full days....ah yes, it just don't get no better than that.  I left the house early on a Saturday and pulled into base camp around 4:00 PM that afternoon.  Joe Ruby and Jack Dell (aka., Texas Jack) had been in the general area for about 6 weeks and were on hand to meet me.  I had Joe's wife, Joyce, riding shotgun in my TJ so he obviously had some incentive to make sure I got to the right location!  I got my camping equipment out and set up and then we sat down to discuss the week's schedule.

Jack had friends in from Texas and I would be running some trails with them.  One of theirs was a stock YJ with open differentials, so we stayed on the easier trails with that vehicle.  Jack and Joe's CJs were locked front and rear and had 33"x12.5" tires and and appropriate lifts to clear them. 

Here are a few pictures and a run down of the trails that I ran while in Moab.  I hope you enjoy them.....I sure did!

Day Trail Rating
Sunday Poison Spider Mesa
Golden Spike
Monday 3-D
Long Canyon
Tuesday Fins N' Things 3+
Wednesday Moab Rim Trail 4+
Thursday Hell's Revenge 4+
Friday Gold Bar Rim
Gemini Bridges
Saturday Metal Masher 4

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