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Moab Rim Trail


After exploring the top of the rim, we headed back to the "1st Nasty Mile".   Part of the trail is a loop so we didn't have to backtrack all of our route.   We were able to go down a nice sand hill, similar to the one I did on 3-D, but smaller in size.  Still, it was fun fish tailing down the trail, trying to outrun the sand and still stay in control.


Back at the "Z Turn"....I HATE GOING DOWN LEDGES!  Well, I guess I should say that I like going up them a lot better.  Joe was telling me about the pile of rocks that they finally dumped into the hole on this obstacle.  You can see them just forward of the driver's side front tire.  Prior to the rocks, there seemed to be an abnormally high number of role overs at this obstacle. 


A couple of nights before writing this, I was searching the web and came across this picture which was taken during the Y2K Easter Jeep Safari in Moab. It is the same spot that I am coming down in the above picture....the "Z Turn".  That big rock that is into the hood is the same one that I said would eat your passenger door on the way going up if you are not careful  You can not let your mind wander for a second on this trail.  When you put metal against rock, the rock will win every time.


OK...So I didn't let my mind wander.  I was so focused on watching Joe's line over this next ledge that I completely missed the fact that the Devil's Crack was getting way to close to my passenger front tire.  As luck would have it, I dropped Lady's tire right into the crack.  Boy, talk about feeling stupid (and we had a line of Jeeps behind us that was following us down).  Yep, I made it through the "Z turn" without rolling over and then I pull this little trick!


Just in case you were wondering how big the Devil's crack is, it is big enough to swallow my 32"x11.50" tire with room to spare!  Yes sir, I set her down nice and easy right on the lower control arm.


We had a pow-wow about how to get Lady "unstuck".  By this time, quite a crowd had gathered....probably hoping I would break the axle off or crack the rim (those blood thirsty Jeepers!).  Well, with a bit of careful maneuvering, and without a strap or winch cable, I managed to drive Lady out, under her own power.   Not even a scratch on the wheel!  Since the rear wheel takes a different line going through the turn, it was able to cross the crack without encountering any problems.

A few more hundred yards and we were at the trail head and done with Moab Rim Trail.  The memories of this trail will stay with me for a long time.  It is the toughest mile I have ever driven (twice) and it will certainly give me a thrill the next time I tackle it.  Would I do it again!  IN A HEARTBEAT I WOULD!


I couldn't leave this one out of the this write up.  There were a lot of these little cactus in bloom.  I saw about 5 different colors of this cute little guys.  The desert sure is a pretty place!

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