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Hell's Revenge

On the 5th day of Moab, we did what Joe Ruby calls Moab's premiere slickrock trail, Hell's Revenge.  It is located in the same area as is Fin N' Things.   The best way to describe Hell's Revenge is to put Fins N' Things on steroids....a whole lot of steroids.  The slickrock  is never ending.  Steep climbs and descents are frequent.  Obstacles such as the "HotTub"and "Tip Over Challenge" wet your appetite for more adventure.

We opted not to drive the HotTub.  It is an very deep and extremely steep sided hole in the slickrock.  As you approach it, you can smell gear lube and tranny oil.  It reminded me of when I was growing up....a good friend of the family had a little two pump gas station.  The smell brought back many memories....however, where as the little service bay in the gas station was used to fix vehicles, the HotTub was obviously doing the opposite.  Gouges in the rock where bumpers and sheet metal had tried but lost were everywhere.  My buddy Dave climbed down into the hole and started counting the different colors of paint that still remained on the rock.  Yes, the HotTub was left for another day.


This is the first large slickrock climb you make on the trail.  It seems to go on for ever, and it darn near does.  It was obviously well traveled during the Easter Jeep Safari.  By the spring of next year, you won't see these tracks, as the wind, sand, and rain will have washed them away.


Another shot of the trail and the great slickrock it affords.  Low gearing is a requirement, as are lockers, for this trail.  If you don't have the gearing, you will be riding the brakes on the down hill sections and climbing too fast on the uphill parts.


We stopped for lunch and a group of Toyota's caught up with us.  This obstacle has no official name that we are aware of, so we call it the Bathtub.  It is a bit milder than the HotTub but as this Toyota driver proved, you can't let your mind wander on Hell's Revenge or else the rock will win!  It is possible to roll as you enter the obstacle, which is where most folks have a problem.  We are not sure how this guy managed to roll as he was exiting.  Oh well, it made for an interesting lunch time show!


Here is a shot of Dave taking his ARB locked TJ down into the Bathtub.   When you first see this obstacle, it is more intimidating than it really is.   Having someone spot you coming in does help.  We all "took a bath" here after lunch before we moved on!


Here is Dave after getting up to the first ledge of "Tip over Challenge".  As you work your way to the top, it gets more and more off camber.   One of the Jeeps in our group did not get quite the right line and lift his front wheel about 3'~4' before he clutched it in and brought it back down.  One thing that we discovered is that I could take a very different line up this obstacle with my TJ (compared to the leaf sprung YJs and CJ.  My compliant suspension kept all four on the ground and kept me in a better position near the top.


Here is a view from the side of the upper section of "Tip over Challenge".  Careful tire placement is critical here to prevent a tip over.   A large tree just a bit further down the obstacle had been knocked out of the ground from the various vehicles that had rolled into it.  Lady went right up this obstacle like a walk in the park.  I had walked it and discussed the line I was going to take.  Anytime you are doing a new obstacle, take some time to study it.   Going into something like this blind leaves you wide open for major trouble!

Once again, here is my famous "Jeep Cam" perspective (900 KB), this time of "Tip over Challenge".   It is getting harder and harder to walk up some of these obstacles.

We wrapped up Hell's Revenge shortly after this obstacle.  It was a most excellent day for Jeepin'.  Everybody came out with no damage, and we brought with us some great memories of one of the best slickrock trail in Moab.

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