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Night Run

Here are a few shots from the 9/9/2000 night run.  We had a total of  7 Jeeps along this time, all SWBs.  Roger and his friends, John, Bob, and Keith joined up with us.  Dion and Paola were there, along with Larry and Jeff.  I finally got Ross and Deb (and their little son Brian) to come along.  Ross has been working hard on his CJ-7 all summer long and it is finally at the stage where he can drive it on the trails.  You'll see some pics of it below. 

The run lasted a bit over 6 hours.  During this time, we lost a few people as we would come back to the Haul Road and they would opt to call it a night and head for home.  It was a lot of fun, and I think we have Deb hooked on the whoop-de-doo section of the trial.  She really seemed to like the roller coaster ride!

Here are some shots of a few of the participants as they navigate their way through the trail.


Here is Dion picking is way through some rocks in the wash not to far from the start of the trail.  Those Goodyear MT/Rs continue to do a great job.  I 've been keeping an eye on them and they don't seem to be chunking very much and the sidewalls are holding up as well.


Roger picks his was through the same rocks that Dion was in.  Hey, check out that roll bar.  Roger got his done at O-R Fab too, same place I got mine from. 


Here is Ross with his recently modified CJ-7.  Let me see if I can remember most of the details.  38.5" Super Swampers, D44 front, D60 rear, 4.88 gears, ARBs in both ends, custom steering, suspension, and axle work.  Yeah...those are the high points. 

This is Ross on the squeeze rock that Steve went through on the previous page.  I am standing on the opposite side of when I took this photo.  As you can see, Ross has decided to go over the squeeze instead of through it.


Ross made it up onto the rocks and is picking a line (what line?) off of this jumbled pile of boulders.  I snapped several pics as he worked his way through this obstacle and he never once touched the under side of his vehicle on a rock.  This brute of a Jeep gives Lady a complex!   (Hey buddy, I said that with a smile on my face!)

September 23, 2000 Day Run @ Tin Can Alley

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