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September 24, 2000   Tin Can Alley

It was a couple of days before the weekend and I quickly sent out some e-mail to see if anyone was up for a run on Sunday.  Some of my regular Jeepin' buddies were either out of town, broke down (Dion), or planned on watching their favorite football team take a beating on TV.

I got hold of Uncle Mike and he confirmed that he and his CJ-5 would be coming with his friend, Tim, who recently built up his Y2K TJ.  We also had Jim join us for the first time in his recently upgraded YJ.  Larry, a regular all during our summer night runs, rounded out the group with his TJ.  It was great running with some new folks and I hope Tim and Jim can make many more runs with us.

Since I have written about Tin Can Alley in the previous pages, I tried to get a few shots of different places on the trail that I had not gotten before.  Since we started the run at 3:00 PM (thanks to cooler weather), we were able to see parts of the trail in day light.  WOW!  What a neat concept. 

I saw quite a bit of the local wild life inhabitants during this run.  We flushed several coveys of quail and saw two coyotes.  A great big long eared jack rabbit took off down the trail leaving but a couple of puffs of dust floating in the breeze. 


We came across this tortoise by the side of the trail.  He was nice enough to pose for a couple of pictures.  He looked to be in good shape.  Just in case you were wondering, we peaked under his shell to see what he had.  Although some were surprised, I was expecting to see Detroit Lockers, front and rear.  Yes sir, no ARBs in this fellow!


After the drive train inspection, we asked him if he could give us an action shot.  Luckily he rose to the occasion and slipped it into 4LO.  Although we did not calculate it, his crawl ratio must have way, way down there.  Pretty good rock crawler, no doubt.  Between the really low gearing and those CLAWS, I think he could mount an assault on just about anything we could throw at him.


As we worked our way past the tortoise and further in to the whoop-de-doo section of the trail, I was able to catch all of us in the shot.  Catching one of these at night when everyone has their rock lights on makes for a nice photo also.


Mike was running tail gunner for us....a thankless and usually dusty job.  So, I am going to double what I've been paying him and will promise to post more pictures of him in the future.  I caught Mike in his CJ-5 climbing up out of the wash.  All of us groaned when we got to this point as the sun was just a bit above the horizon and was directly in our eyes as we came up the bank.  Now I know why it was so much easier when it was dark out!

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