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Tip Top Trail

As we worked our way up the hill, we got to the section that was going to give Ross and I our problems.  


Ross got just a few yards further up the trail before he played out the winch cable and assisted himself up to the next "level" spot.  I bogged down at the same spot and Ross was nice enough to send the cable down to me for a fairly quick ride back this section of trail.  Bill and Keith made it up this part with some good effort.  By this time, Bill was learning that with the very low gears that he and Ross were running, the big Swampers did better when going over this stuff in 4LO, 2nd gear.


After we had all gotten past the section where we winched, Ross took off for the top.  After giving him a few minutes of travel time, I headed out after him, followed by Bill.  We were all at the top, except for Keith, and getting ready to celebrate when we realized that Keith was overdue.  Little did we realize that he had caught a rock with his right front tire (locked axle) and it spun him around on the trail in a microsecond.  We saw the minor damage on his right front fender where his TJ came to rest against the manzanita (sp) bush that kept him from rolling down the hill.  We heard all about it once Keith and Becky made it to the top to join us in Bill's Jeep stacking celebration!


Lady managed to get her 32" BFG up onto Ross' 38.5" Swamper.  



Bill parks his 38.5" Swamper on Ross' CJ-7.


While Bill wasn't looking, Keith hopped his TJ up onto Bill's rear tire.  Yo Bill!  Gotcha ya!

Shortly after we un-stacked our Jeeps, we headed into Crown King for something wet and cold to drink.  From there, I headed for home, wrapping up a two day trip in the Southern Bradshaw Mountains near Crown King, Arizona.  So many trails to run, so few weekends in which to do it.

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