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Rock Crawlin'

Next was the exit route.  I went for the far left line and tried taking it to the extreme left, as far as possible. 


I was happy to say that my bumper cleared the rock which had previously given me problems (see Bobbed Bumper project).  However, I found out, with just a few more inches of travel, that my rear drive shaft and diff were going to be the points that now gave me forward movement problems.  A high spot in the center of my line gave me trouble only for as long as it took John and Dion to stack a few rocks for me.


Where there is a will, there is a way.  It little bit of coaxing and another rock or two and Lady was up and over the last of Three-Line Rock.  Someday, I will have enough clearance to get through that line without any extra rocks.  Although, I must admit that a few were stacked for a few others for their attempts on the other lines done that morning too.  There is nothing wrong with putting a rock here or there.  It beats the heck out of damaging your Jeep.....or worse yet, causing a breakdown that now impacts everyone on the run with you.


Here is John working is way up the center section of the rocks.  Dion is checking to make sure he clears his front Diff and that the t-case skid will do its job if it needs to. 

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