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Just a bit farther down the trail is the second obstacle, a little "V" notch that is fun to straddle.  You can completely avoid it by just driving past it on the right, but then that would take all of the fun out of being there, right?


Here is Steve getting lined up for the V.  I ran ahead of the group so I could snap a couple of shots as they all came across this spot.  The last time through here (which was also the first time for me), I opted not to do this one.  Although it is difficult to tell, the rock in the center of the shot drops quickly once you are over it and it likes to eat the gas tanks on the TJs.  I found this time that if you take it easy, you can lay the gas tank skid on it and just kind of slide yourself off of the rock.  It sounds bad, but it doesn't hurt anything.


Dion starts up the V notch.  Did I mention you get a bit of air once you are almost on top of it with your front end?  We kid Dion some because his YJ doesn't flex too much.  He knows that and says that it really makes things more interesting when you don't always have all four tires on the ground.  (I think he is part pilot and likes to get airborne every once in a while.)


I thought I would toss this shot in since it gives a really good contrast between Dion's and my Jeep on the same obstacle.  A little bit of difference in the line we are both taking can be seen when you look at the passenger front tire and its location on the rock.  This goes to prove that just a few inches difference on the line you get you on your way to a rollover.  Of course, there is a difference between our suspensions, and that too can and should be taken into consideration when picking your line.  Leaf sprung Jeeps and coil spring Jeeps behave differently on the trail when going over obstacles.  I learned in Moab this year, while following my Joe Ruby's CJ-7 (my good Jeepin' buddy), that his lines were not always the best ones for Lady and me.


Here is CJ John getting his front end over the rock and coming down.  Check out the position of those spring shackles.  His CJ does a pretty good job of flexing through these trails.  It can get a little tippy here if you not on the optimum line....John was, no problem.  Now, if we could get him to squelch that squeaky fan belt of his, he would have the prefect CJ!  [GRIN]

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