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The third and final obstacle is a fairly steep rock shelf that you have to climb up to get out of the wash.  There is an optional way out, but after watching another Jeep try it the on my previous run, I think the shelf is the easier of the two.  By the way, this is the shelf that YJ John blew his rear drive shaft u-joint on.  I only snapped a couple of photos of this little trail fix, but it was a good learning experience for all that were there.


Here is the entrance into the last obstacle on Appetizer.  I am just starting a right hand turn to climb the shelf.  As you can see, the it is about even with the top of my roofline.  Although not mandatory, it is nice to have a locker when doing this obstacle.  A couple of the guys are locked in the front and running a limited slip diff in the rear.


Here is Chip taking a line to the top.  We were really ragging on him during the run because we could never get more than 1 or 2 pictures of him on any one obstacle.  He would just kind of zip right through them.  We kept telling him he needed less of the "skinny" pedal so we could snap a few more photos.


You can see Dion's passenger rear tire deforming very nicely as it contacts what looks like a step on the shelf.  What makes this obstacle a bit more challenging is the rock that you can not see.  At the same time you are just getting up to the shelf with your rears, the driver's front is going up on a big rock with almost a straight approach angle on the side you are hitting.  Toss in some overburden and the fact that some of the rock was breaking off under the torque of the tires....well, it makes for an interesting obstacle.

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